View Full Version : Work experience advice

13-09-2013, 05:40 PM
I would like to offer some work experience to the 17 year old sister if two of my after schoolies. She is hoping to do a childcare qualification or apprenticeship later this year or next year and I thought it might help her to have some experience first.
It would be unpaid and very short term (probably total of 4/5 days) and I would risk assess and inform patents.
Obviously she wouldn't count for ration purposes that's not why I'm doing it but how do I go about getting a DBS check and are they free for volunteers?
Although I wouldn't intend to leave her unattended I would need her to be DBS checked as I childmind from 3 rooms and a mindee may end up in a room with her with me being in hearing range next door (I.e in kitchen).
Any advice re pitfalls very welcomed :-)