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jackie 7
13-09-2013, 12:21 PM
So as I rock/push a angry exhausted child to sleep in a buggy, he is Brest fed to sleep. I decided what I need is a treadmill that has a clamp to hold the buggy on. Also extra straps to keep child in as he thrashes around. Before anyone asks. Yes I have tried to cuddle him to sleep/put him in bed and leave him. He won't take a bottle snd I have tried a dummy. He gets crosser and crosser. Fine when I can go for a walk. So glad it is Friday.

13-09-2013, 12:23 PM
:( poor you

:( poor baby

hope he goes to sleep soon and has a nice sleep.

I used to have a LO like that, it was soo hard for everyone. took a LONG time for him to settle down, and he never really slept well. ( at home, as well as being breastfed, he co-slept, and used the breast as a dummy. and he wasn't little either )

13-09-2013, 12:25 PM
We used to have one of those baby swings that have a battery. It was fab at getting my son to sleep. They do them with all sorts of extra functions now - music, vibration, goodness knows what else. Might be worth a go? Expensive though, so perhaps you could see if you could borrow one to try first, or look for one secondhand.

13-09-2013, 12:30 PM
You can actually buy a buggy rocking machine I saw one in a posh catelogue once, can't remember how much but do remember thinking I bet Posh Spice has one

Best of luck with your hand rocking


13-09-2013, 12:48 PM
I know this might sound daft but i had a little one that would only fall asleep being pushed in a buggy when out and about but not easily in the home with me rocking the pushchair. I then found by accident that if i pushed the pram over a welcome mat in the hall, then the extra bump to the push, made him to go to sleep really quickly. I then progressed this to pushing him up and down the decking whilst the other children played in the garden. You could always tried a slightly folded towel on the floor, or even a bump between two rooms.

The other tip is take every day slowly, and work on new things step by step. I have had my mindee 10 months, and only in the last few weeks have I managed to get him to sleep in a cot upstairs. i went from the pram with lots of rocking, to the pram with more of a wiggle than a rock, to the couch with me sitting right there with my hand on his chest, to the couch and me not so close, to the couch without me in the room, to evenutally upstairs in the cot. At home he still has to be walked around the streets at night to get him to fall asleep. I really feel for the mum.

jackie 7
13-09-2013, 12:58 PM
He is just s reaming. Do tired but won't let himself sleep. Never met one do determined not to sleep. Had to take him out of the buggy as he had twisted himself around and was coming out the top. Tried to hold him in my arms but he just fights close contact unless for food So good to be on here. Will try the bump on the floor. Might put up new buggy to see if it goes flatter. If I did not need the money I would give notice. Mum carries him in backpack. A lot.

13-09-2013, 01:18 PM
I know it is usual to expect an infant to fall to sleep with rocking, but my (now almost 8 yo) son has only ever fallen asleep in a car or buggy a handful of times in his entire life. I do mean a handful, only 5 times.
He was a sling carried baby and would crash in that in about 10 heartbeats. Also, sitting upright in his high chair he would crash quite quickly.
Rocking doesn't work with every child. Try just leaving the buggy be, and if he is an older infant leave it more upright. Let him sit and watch the world go passed, or hold him upright, over your shoulder and pat his bum firmly to your heart beat.

13-09-2013, 01:40 PM
I know it my seem strange but my grandson used to thrash about in pram not settle would not sleep unless feeding or upright in sling. Later found out he had reflux and was milk intolerant(apparantly they comfort feed which then makes it worse).

13-09-2013, 04:57 PM
There's a pram rocker called a robopax. They used to be really expensive, about £80 but there's some on ebay for really cheap.

If he's sleeps in a sling with mum then he may go to sleep better sitting more upright. Would you be open to the idea of borrowing a sling from mum, just to use to get him to sleep. If he falls asleep easily in the sling then you may then be able to lay him down flat in the cot on top of the sling without disturbing him too much.
If mum uses a fabric wrap sling without buckles, like a really large blanket, could you try swaddling him in that to see if it helps calm him down.

13-09-2013, 07:58 PM
I've got a robopax! Only had it about a week but works with my lol! It's really big to store away though I got it for £25 off amazon x