View Full Version : Nipper 360 -can you repair torn lining?

12-09-2013, 10:37 PM
The fabric that holds the metal seat frames on my nipper 360 have both worn through - one only a tiny hole so the frame still sits in place but for how long I don't know, the other has a sizeable hole so the seat frame slips right down & puts LO in a slightly awkward looking position.

There's no way I can get a normal needle through to stitch it (I don't think!?) & don't think gaffer tape will hold for long - any other suggestions as I love my Nipper & definitely can't afford a replacement!

blue bear
13-09-2013, 05:51 AM
Google nipper seconds and you will find replacement seats for sale as well as other accessories. Otherwise have you considered a seamstress, the one in pur village is a whizz and I'm sure she would work out a way to reinforce the material, ring round where you live.
On my phil and teds I got a small hole and used the material you iron on, it worked well, I got mine from a fabric shop.