View Full Version : Help!

12-09-2013, 08:46 AM
Been up with really terrible acid reflux since 3.30am this morning, so bad it has made me sick several times
I can constantly taste acid in the back on my throat and keep feeling the urge to be sick, although I haven't been since 5am
I have just one girl (18m) in today and she's no bother at all, sleeps for 2.5 in morning and afternoon and will play happily by herself
Should I phone mum and say to not bring her in or should I just let her bring her and see how it goes? I mean we'd be at home anyway, its not like I'd be going back to bed or anything because I can't sleep because of it
I feel up to having her in, and its obviously not contagious (my own fault for eating spicy pizza late last night then going straight to bed!) I just don't want to be sick in front of her or anything
What would everyone else do? Have until 10 to decide xx