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11-09-2013, 03:18 PM
I look after a little boy aged 10 months. He has been with me for two and a half months but has had a lot of time off sick and on holiday. He is very clingy and just cries unless he is being picked up or is sat on my knee. Then he is perfectly happy. He also doesn't sleep unless he is into arms. On the odd occasion I have managed to put him in the cot he only has about 20 mins as as soon as he stirs he cries cause he is not being held.

It is most stressful in a playgroup situation as I feel like other mums are judging me all the time. If I give him the attention he demands I don't have time to spend with the other children but if I let him cry then it looks like I don't care. I see the new mums as my future customers so it bothers me how I look. I do tend to let him cry as I believe it is a control thing with him and don't think that there's anything wrong with him

I have spoken to mum but I get the impression she is over compensating as she is finding the separation very hard.

Has anyone any advice for clingy children.

11-09-2013, 05:05 PM
It can take weeks - or even months - for some little ones to cope with separation anxiety and allow you to put them down without crying.

The best advice is to persevere. Put them down to play for short times when you have to such as when you go to the loo. Other times keep them close but don't hold all the time so they get used to playing.

Does he know how to play? Maybe playing with him and show him how to use the toys will help :D