View Full Version : New childminder-advice needed!

11-09-2013, 08:07 AM
Hello! I've been a member of this forum for months now but have only just registered so have never written anything until now...I've been more of a loiterer! :blush:

Anyway I hope someone will be able to answer some questions for me, as I'm slightly confused about some enquiries I've had from parents...

Basically I've had interest from a mum who wants me to have her 3 year old boy from 8 until 9 on a Monday morning, give him breakfast and then take him to pre-school. He's still in the eyfs but with him being at preschool and me only having him for 1 hour a week, what do I need to have in place re observations/daily diary/Learning journey etc? Is it basically everything that I'd have for a full time mindee but on a much smaller scale?
He'll pretty much just be having breakfast with me and then straight to school so not sure how much I'll have to observe in that hour?

The same applies to another child I've agreed to have on an ad hoc basis when her other childminder can't mind her. It might be the odd 3 hours every now and again, and I've agreed on the basis that I've got space on those days. Since she will spend most of her time with her main childminder will I have to still do learning journey and obs as if she's with me full time?

The other enquiries I've had are for school children, so, with them not being in the eyfs they wouldn't need anything like that will they? But I will need to keep obs for them and communicate with the schools and parents etc?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions, and looking forward to meeting you all and chatting more on here :laughing:

Thanks in advance!