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02-09-2013, 09:08 PM

All help appreciated! Looking for good examples of learning journals.

I send daily diary texts, photos.
Have done weekly observations

However I'm chicken-ing out getting started on the journals. I have the pictures just need to put it all down into the book I have.

Its for a 17month old!
Do u just wrote what she did next to the pics? Must it be linked with eyfs if I'm ready doing weekly observations?

Thanks for your time and expertise x

02-09-2013, 09:13 PM
My learning journals are a nice looking A4 ring binder, picture and name on the front. First pages are the all about me forms for he child then the following is in date order: observations and assessments, summative assessments, pictures, artwork. So I don't just put reams and realms of obs, there might be one obs, then some photos, more obs etc.

I do a separate A5 sized daily diary which just indicates how the child has been, what they have eaten, slot, nappies etc

03-09-2013, 06:50 AM
If you are a gold member on childcare.co.uk there is lots of really useful information in the childminder files.

There are loads of free information sheets about different aspects of Learning and Development files in free resources at the top of the forum as well.

Get a file - put the child's starting points in it - print the Development Matters guidance for around the child's age - note what the child can do and think of some things they might enjoy.

Every so often check they are making progress! That's what Ofsted want to see - observations, assessments, individual planning and progress.

Hth :D

03-09-2013, 09:09 AM
Mine are these if the child is 5, 4, or 3 full days a week.

Early Years Daily Diary: Amazon.co.uk: Kay Fisher E.Y.P.: Books (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Early-Years-Daily-Fisher-E-Y-P/dp/1438941609)

They are a combination of Daily Diary and LJ. I personalise the front cover and stick in a short explanation of the areas of learning. I use the Pacey stickers which if you google Pacey shop you will find. I then use these against every activity so you can see easily how the child is progressing and which areas you are covering and if there are any gaps. There are daily sheets and then a space for a weekly observation and a space for the parents to add daily notes and a page a week for the weekend. There is also a space for weekly planning. I have used them for two children since Christmas and they have worked very well, saved time and because they go home every day they are truly a working document and I have found that the parents have written in them far more often. It has saved me loads of time as well. They last six months and I am just about to start one for a new full timer who started this week.

For part timers I use an A4 Exercise book, 89p from Rymans for the LJ and an A5 one for the Daily Diary.

The LJ in this case I still use the Pacey EYFS Stickers and I put in lots of photos of daily activities and examples of work that I link to EYFS using the stickers and I make small comments about what we were doing or where we were. I then do longer Observations about once a month or if one naturally occurs with next steps. These go home every weekend for the parents to see and then make any comments.