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02-09-2013, 10:05 AM
Hi, I just joined this forum yesterday as Im interested in childminding after I have my baby and I've done quite a bit of googling how to become a childminder etc etc and it says that I must go to a pre reg briefing session. Well I am in essex and Ive been looking everywhere for briefing sessions, so I emailed my essex county coucil and they emailed me this back stating this :

"Essex County Council does not run the 'Pre-registration briefings' anymore. This is currently being replaced with an Informative e-mail on how to become a childminder in Essex. "

So Im now confused, I dont go to any pre reg briefing sessions, I just DL it instead?:panic: Ive heard at the sessions thats where you get all your information packs: EYFS, Ofsted applicaiton forms, info about insurance and CRB applicaitons etc. How am I going to get all the information and right paperwork now? Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

02-09-2013, 02:52 PM
I think you can access the courses you need through Pacey.

blue bear
02-09-2013, 02:58 PM
The e mail will sign post you to everything,remember we are here if you get stuck

02-09-2013, 07:46 PM
Thank you, I now know who to contact to get all the info and packs, after a long day of more googling hehe.