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13-08-2013, 10:19 AM
Day one of 2 yo potty training.

One accident already in the car - she seems to only able to last 20 mins?

Any general tips or advice.... ???

13-08-2013, 11:30 AM
Day one of 2 yo potty training.

One accident already in the car - she seems to only able to last 20 mins?

Any general tips or advice.... ???

I haven't had to do it yet but people have said before that it should be established at home, or at least started at home before you start it in your setting. Maybe others have a different viewpoint

13-08-2013, 02:39 PM
I'm in the process of putting together a potty training policy as I've two x almost 2 year olds who I'm pretty sure the parents will be wanting to get out of nappies in the next couple of months (one parent in particular!)

This fortnights issue of Nursery World has a good article in it by Penny Tassoni about understanding the possible barriers to potty training and how to go about it:


13-08-2013, 02:46 PM
I think every child is so different my ds is 2.5 and potty trained himself basically I couldn't believe it he woke up one Sunday morning and decided he no longer wanted to wear his nappy after 3 days he was completely dry day and night. We did a sticker chart which he put a star on every time he did something on the potty then at the end of this first week I bought him a new trailer for his tractor (he's farm mad) and explained he'd had it for being a good boy and using the potty. He was also dry at night from the word go too. We do carry a potty in the car and have had too make a number of wee stops in lay-bys but that's fine as long as he doesn't pee in his car seat.

13-08-2013, 05:55 PM
It has been potty training mad here the last few months, trained 4 lo's & now just started to train another one. Each child is different, I personally think that you need to encourage & praise children and try not to be negative about accidents ( no matter how frustrating it can be).

If you do need to go on a long car journey and they can only last 20 mins...either pop them in a pull up or take a potty & have a potty break every 20 minutes. Eventually they will learn to hold it longer.

Speak to parents about progress at home compared to yours & discuss ways you could further encourage then I.e. sticker chart, give a smarty to all children when lo has gone, children going potty/ toilet together etc.


14-08-2013, 01:48 PM
I bought some of these

Summer Infant PiddlePad - pushchair liners - Mothercare (http://www.mothercare.com/Summer-Infant-PiddlePad/323959,default,pd.html#avtc=6cc6850e6c5e2cca7d7bba 5bd754a325)

and still use them in the car now.

I must admit I did 3 one after the other and by the 3rd one it was easier! It's really important that it is done at the right time and that parents are following the same routine, I had one of mine use pull ups every time she went in the car and she got into the habit of weeing every time she got in the car rather than on the potty which was difficult to break.

I like bare bottom potty training with plenty of potties, mine start of bringing their potty from home so it is familiar. At one stage I had 3 different potties in the car.

14-08-2013, 04:31 PM
Or you can use puppy pads to put on car seats and buggys etc. They are very cheap in the bargain shops. I think parents should establish potty training anyway.

14-08-2013, 07:19 PM
I potty trained 3 x 2.5 year olds a few months ago and did it from scratch, might have been an error on my part but was going to begin training my own dd so thought 2 more wouldn't hurt!

It didn't, we just stayed home for 2 weeks and with perseverance and lots of potty use, we did it within 2 weeks and all is still going well.

hectors house
14-08-2013, 07:52 PM
My advice is to spend 3 days at home never more than few feet away from potty - that is what I tell parents to do and I will continue on the 4th day! :D

14-08-2013, 08:13 PM
All children are different, I don't like a policy as I like to handle it individually.

One parent said their lo was ready, and spent fri-mon at home, intensively potty training, then it was my turn for 3 days, it worked really well and another lo who is a similar age decided she wanted to try because her friend was, her parents were pleasantly surprised, when she was potty trained within a week without their help.

I also used disposable changing mats in the car on journeys, as once they are in pants I tank it's best to stay that way (apart from night time).

Carol M
15-08-2013, 04:08 PM
If a child is fully aware and ready it will happen very quickly. In my experience parents want to "train" before the child is ready. I'm afraid I'm not prepared for any more than a couple of accidents on my carpet before I ask for pull ups or back in nappies, try again later. Why put the child through undue stress if they don't fully understand it only ends up taking much longer and it can seriously affect some children.
I ask for parents to discuss their thoughts on the way they want to tackle this stage of a child's development before they just turn up in pants! I don't think half of them even read my policy which really annoys me.
I ask for the child to be successful at home for a few days (usually enough time to crack it if child is ready) then I carry on. Of course I understand accidents do happen but I would only expect a couple when they first come back here.
I don't like pull ups, what's the point? and hate even more normal pants over nappies, what message is that one giving?
Can you tell I'm a bit fed up ?
Good luck
Carol x

15-08-2013, 06:00 PM
Carol your right I've never heard of pants over nappies, sounds absurd lol!

15-08-2013, 09:19 PM
I find staying at home for at least a week (possibly 2) makes it easier. Other than the school run I didnt leave house when i recently potty trained two 2yr olds.

I get them to wear pants and shorts which are easy to get down quickly, reward each use of potty with teeny weeny bit of chocolate and lots of praise, calmly ignore accidents but remind 'we do wees and poos in potty or toilet'

I'm sure lots here wouldnt agree but it has always worked for me

Good luck