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11-08-2013, 02:56 PM
I'm going back to work in about 3 weeks time after having 4 month maternity leave. Whilst I've been off I've updated all of my policies & documents & also decided on new ways I want to do my learning journeys. All the children I will be looking after will be children I had prior to me having a baby so I already have learning journeys for them but like I said I want to change the way I do things. The old learning journeys werent up to date as I fell behind with paperwork as I got further on in my pregnancy, will I need to get these up to date or can I just give them to parents to keep as they are & start fresh ones in September?

Thanks x

11-08-2013, 04:04 PM
They need to show progress so I would say continue with old ones and get them up to date - what if ofsted turned up tomorrow you would have no progress to show

11-08-2013, 04:13 PM
hiya, i was recntly in the same dilema, personaly i would get them up to date, if you send them home uncompleated and someone questions why you havent done it, i think you may struggle to defend yourself, also even though you have had a gap, there children returning to your care so ofstead my want to see their learning journey from before.............

what i did was sent their learning journeys home before my mat leave with a little section for parents to add what the children had done in my abcense, change of routine then started my new way of working behind it but in the same folder.............

congrats on your new arrival hope you settle back into work ok x