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10-08-2013, 09:38 AM
Although I am registered two early years spaces I was only ever able to fill one (due to small car and having to drive the school run)

Last October I got a Zafira so was looking to fill my other EY space and my two school age places so I started advertising.

Anyway my full time EY child left at the end of May leaving me one 9 year old coming for breakfast 4 days a week. I have therefore been advertising like mad.

I have my ad in all the local shops that take ads, on community notice boards, have a FB page, and advertise on the local womens community FB pages.

I had a few enquiries which has lead to a one day a week contract from Sept, an Adhoc 11 yr old girl in the hols and possible a baby for 1-2 days a week in October, but Mum won't sign until Gran has sorted her retirement as she will be covering the other days. I also went crazy with enquiries when the school places came out and sometimes an EY sibling came with the schoolie, but it was all for schools I couldn't cover :(

I know August is quiet as people are on Hols and sorted for any September starts but I am worried that I am over advertising and people may be thinking there must be something wrong if I am having to advertise so widely.

I am lucky in that on the of very well established and respected CM's around here took my card and said she's recommend me as she is always full. I feel quite touched as she also said there are few she would actually recommend.

Feel a bit like I am stuck behind a rock and a hard place. I need to advertise to get work but equally I don't want to look like nobody wants me so I have spaces to fill.

10-08-2013, 10:41 AM
You can never 'over advertise' so don't worry yourself about that - marketing is about getting your name out there so when someone wants childcare, they remember your name.
Most people don't 'see' adverts until it's something they actually want/need

Are you listed with your local FIS? If so, update your details regularly, if not, get listed.
When you update with my local one, you get to the top of the list that gets sent out to parents when they enquire through them.
Check out childcare.co.uk too and see what recent enquiries are being made - to message parents you need to pay the subscription fee, but if you are actively trying to fill spaces and there's someone on there that suits, it pays for itself if you can message them and you then get the job
(as a green member you can also get a discount in the green members area which is worth getting)
Contact your local schools and preschools - they may not make individual recommendations, but they do tend to have a 'local providers' folder that you can put your card/flyer in
I advertise even though I'm currently as full as I want to be - any one of my parents can stop using my services at the drop of a hat so it's nice to have enquiries coming through 'just in case' :thumbsup:

10-08-2013, 11:10 AM
I don't think you can over-promote yourself but I do think its possible to over-advertise in the sense that someone might think wow they always have a space! If you 've got a specific space coming up from a specific time its worth saying you have a space coming up and why - 'I've expanded my business to allow for an extra space - I can now have outings in my new Zafira!' 'I have a space from september due to a child who has moved on to school'

How about promoting all the good things about your setting? - like the activities you do and outings you go on, and any other positive aspects - like if you have a good garden or are local to a particular school. Things that would make people think I'd love my child to go there. Then you could happen to mention you have a space.

If I have lots 2 spaces on the same day I advertise I have a space and don't go into details but I seem to be lucky that I live in an area where there is a demand for childcare so I don't really advertise but I do do a lot of promotional work - particularly on my facebook profile and facebook page. photos of outings and things we have made. I don't post photos of the children's faces which is a shame as I think happy smiley faces is probably the best advertisement!

Funnily enough I have turned down a few inquiries recently and then one boy has changed days, 1 his mum has left her job and 2 brothers have moved away - and they all came on the same day so I now have more than one space! I have a lady with twins who was looking so I got back to her but she's not sure what she's doing. I'm on holiday at end of august so i will wait til after then before i start getting back to people who have inquired or advertising.

I think spaces can be like buses - none for a while and then a whole load at once! Good luck filling your spaces - I am sure you will!

hectors house
10-08-2013, 11:45 AM
I have a mindee going to school in september but then in Oct/Nov have another mindees sibling baby starting so will only have a space one day a week and I'm hoping one of the existing children will want an extra day as I hate one day a week children, (well not the actual children but all the extra paperwork for just one day)!

I have still updated my childcare.co.uk free advert, added a photo and some parents have done reviews as you never know when someone else will decide to leave, be made redundant or move away. I would rather have phone calls for spaces I don't currently have and then be helpful to that parent and try to recommend someone else as it is all good advertising. So no I don't think you can over advertise - good luck with filling your spaces. Keep a handful of business cards with you at all times - I often hand them out to people I get talking to and just say ring me I may be able to help you when you are looking for childcare in 6 months etc (if on maternity leave).

nikki thomson
10-08-2013, 05:03 PM
Is there a local childminding Facebook group? As i discovered there was one for my area and 3 villages around me and there's always parents wanting childcare, some are so desperate, I can't help but honestly in the past 3 yrs I've probably had 3 phone calls at most about cm, it's been dead as anything unless you were recommended by someone you just couldn't get work.
I'm lucky I've never had to advertise but this fb group is excellent. X

blue bear
10-08-2013, 06:45 PM
Do you get out to toddler groups/sure start centre etc. I find most of my work comes from word of mouth from people who know me. Also had parents go along to toddlers and watch us in action so to speak without indicating they were looking for a childminder.
My Facebook page generates work.
When I advertise I do a poster for the town board, childminder has one space available from x month for children ages 0-4 I list my unique selling point and some of the activities we get up to so I stand out from the crowd so to speak.