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09-08-2013, 09:48 PM
Making sure self employed assistant is registered as self employed?

And how do I put it in my accounts that I'm paying an assistant.

Chatterbox Childcare
10-08-2013, 09:15 AM
If your assistant is self employed they need to invoice you and you pay on that

If the are employed you have to complete paye records and pay the tax and ni insurance for them

10-08-2013, 02:46 PM
But I dont have to check thier actually registered self employed do I?

As long as I'm invoiced then I'm fine. Correct?

Chatterbox Childcare
10-08-2013, 02:50 PM
As far as I am aware it is their responsibility

10-08-2013, 03:26 PM
Ofsted do not deal with DBS (previously CRB) any more ...you have to do it yourself and online

This came into effect 1 July