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31-07-2013, 07:05 PM
Carrying on from bunyip's thread in which he very beautifully gave us an image of him in his jammies with no teeth, grot breath and bed hair meeting a parent, I wondered if anyone had had a similar situation where you were either unprepared or managed to pull off a fab but not usual situation and then parent still signed up?

Well I had a mum come to see me three years ago to bring her two little ones to see me. Never used a cm before never left them with anyone except close family.

All went great but the icing on the cake for mum was me jump starting her car outside my house!

Mum and kids came over today ( they left last year for school) to see me and mum broke down telling me her oh wants to split. She now has a spare key to my house for when we go away just incase she needs a bolt hole. She is not a stranger now - mr wobble and I adore her and her kids like they were our own daughter and grandchildren.

Another one is when family had travelled up from Portsmouth with dog to meet me. Brought dog into garden and it did a poo. I kept smiling as they cleaned it up, even though inside I was going " aaaaarrrghhhh". Mum said months later I was so calm and serene!

Wibble x

blue bear
31-07-2013, 07:23 PM
Having arranged a parent meeting for 12.30, I promptly forgot and took the children out for a picnic, half way through I remembered and made a dash for home, got there at 1.10 as parent pulled up.
Years later I confessed to mum that I forgot, she said she would never have guessed I was so calm and impressed how I could entertain three children plus give her and baby all the attention they needed,
To say I was sweating was an understatement.

Bumble Beez
31-07-2013, 07:29 PM
Lol! The dog poo story make me giggle...

A few years ago I had a visit where mum brought LO in, LO happily playing trains, me and mum chatting away...all was going well until mum sneezed and had a nose bleed...which I later found out was fairly regular for her...
I panicked and went running for tissues and wipes etc, in the mean time LO had filled his nappy and was in process of undressing...at this point I'm thinking 'could this visit get any worse?' when my DS who was 4 walked past and said to mum...I bet you were picking your nose!!

Anyway...family started, LO is an amazing child and is only now leaving as he's starting full time school in September and me and mum are now good friends...she always said that I was so calm in the panic of it all! Yeah right, I was screaming inside :)

Sarah x

31-07-2013, 07:48 PM
Makes my embarrassment of the other day when DD (7½) came down looking like a Tart in order to impress the 11 year old girl who came with her Mum about adhoc care over the holidays, seem run of the mill. Even though I wanted to die of embarrassment.:blush: