View Full Version : Assessments & Planning for 5+ Years

17-07-2013, 06:06 PM
Hi just wondering what everyone does in terms of planning and assessments for children aged 5 and over? In most cases, they have already acheived all the milestones in Development Matters and because of their ages are generally only cared for before and after school leaving time limited. I have some children over 8 years in my care which I do not complete any official assessments on but not sure what I should/shouldn't be doing for the 5-8's.

17-07-2013, 06:57 PM
I just do a head plan of what i am going to do with the school aged children.like this week, i will ask them for holiday activity ideas. I do not do any written planning assessments for them.

18-07-2013, 05:15 PM
No requirements to do more than ensure their parents and school are happy with the care and activities you are providing.

The statutory requirement is here :D

Wrap around and holiday providers
1.3 Wrap around (care offered before and after a school day, e.g. by an after school club or by a childminder) and holiday providers (provision exclusively in the school holidays) should be guided by, but do not necessarily need to meet, all the learning and development requirements. Practitioners should discuss with parents and/or carers (and other practitioners and providers as appropriate) the support they intend to offer, seeking to complement learning in settings in which children spend more time.