View Full Version : Wish she would make up her mind!

10-07-2013, 02:49 PM
Have a little one who is due for her free pre

School year in sept but mum hasn't booked her
In anywhere! This is the parent who is moving but I don't know if staying in or out of the area and neither does She! She looked at one place
Told me the hours they had told
Her she could have and I was filling a space so filled it based on her not being here anymore and her younger sister taking the hours she is currently using. Now it materialises she has missed the boat having not put a deposit on and other schools offer different hours.. So I text her to say I could take little one five mornings instead of three
Full days if that is what older one is offered and she has still done nothing! All blasé about it and commented she would be back to me if she couldn't get it sorted! Er no you won't cos I don't have space for her now! Need to know which hours she wants for little one as I have another mum I could accommodate if she wants the mornings! Just gggggrr!!!

10-07-2013, 03:00 PM
parents :angry::angry::angry:

I think i am ready for my 2weeks off starting 22nd as i am getting quite intolerant of parents this week, not like me

I now take first one who signs contract. As i said other day No More Mr. Nice Guy