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Pudding Girl
08-07-2008, 06:40 PM
As part of my self assessment I need to complete for inspection, one of the parts is concerning settling in and what I do for the child and other children in my care.

As my first mindees are only 2 tbh when A started I didn't really think of telling them, or doing anything to prepare them, and actually other than saying so and so is coming to play today, I can't think what else to put!!


08-07-2008, 07:16 PM
you find out what the new child likes to play with at home and make sure there are toys available that s/he will enjoy;

You tell the current children that a new child is coming to play and have the 'sharing' chat;

You make sure eveyone knows that all toys are yours (not theirs) and that you share;

You include the new child straight away in decisions about what to have for snack and encourage children already in your care to listen to their comments;

You shadow children for the first month to ensure there are no nasty incidents such as fighting or biting;

You get information from parents about how the child likes to be addressed so you can teach other children to say his name properly;

You find out as much as possible about dietary customs, religions etc so you can more appropriately care for the child and if other children ask questions eg why is the child always in trousers even on a sunny day... you have the answers to give them;

You involve all children in re-writing the behaviour goals as you have a newbie who needs to be consulted;

You take photos as quickly as possible and put them on the wall to give newbie a sense of belonging ... if you have a birthday chart, you make sure newbie is included asap;

You suggest you and current children make a card together to welcome newbie into your home;

You make sure during settling-in that you are available to give parents of newbie attention - even if that means them coming a few minutes early for a few days;

Phew! I was inspired! :D

Pudding Girl
09-07-2008, 09:26 AM
wow Sarah, you are GOOOOOOOOOD :D

thank you so much, I hadn't even thought of half of those things :blush: