View Full Version : new childminder needs help on observations

13-06-2013, 11:44 AM
Hi all! Im newly registered in wales and want to start doing observations etc on the children in my care but I dont know where to start. What kind should I start with and whats the best reference to use when looking at stages a child should be at at different ages? Any advice would be gratefully received :) thanks everyone x

mrs robbie williams
13-06-2013, 03:48 PM
as you are in wales im not sure if you do things differently but this is how i do it: when i take on a new child i get parents to complete an 'all about me' form telling me their child's likes/dislikes etc., for the first couple of weeks i let the child settle in and casually observe them, then i do an initial assessment where i use development matters to plot where the child is in the seven areas, i then plan for their age/stage of development. Observe them, link it to eyfs, plan next steps etc. Hope that makes sense :thumbsup: