06-07-2008, 10:59 PM
I'm also posting this here to deter potential purportrators from copyright infringement.

Without prejudice

hiya all,
it has come to my attention that several members of this site have resorted to copying and pasting large chunks of my intellectual property from my web site. I would like to point out to those members (you know who you are), that this constitutes copyright infringement and is against the law.

'The illegal use of text content is a form of copyright infringement. It is common on the world wide web for text to be copied from one site to another without consent of the author.'

You can read up on the implications at,

I worked long and hard on my website and took the necessary steps to safeguard myself against this sort of violation. While I was initially flattered that so many of you thought my website was so well written and professional, I must be honest, that feeling lasted all of three seconds.

Can you just think for a moment how you'd feel if someone copied your intellectual property? Now multiply that buy 100, now you know how p****d I'm feeling.

Therefore, I kindly ask all offenders to update their websites within the next 7 days. Should the changes not be made, I will forward all the evidence I have gathered (site names, contact info, ISP addresses, dated print outs of sites, etc) to my solicitor.

I am a professional business woman and take these things very seriously indeed. I have also noted that these purportrators seem to have hand picked a selection of sites listed prior to APR 08.



07-07-2008, 10:17 AM
I agree that copyright is a very serious issue and urge everyone making a website to get permission before copying anything from any website, paperwork etc. that does not belong to them.

However, I do think that the issue of copying from Cecile's website should be dealt with 'off site' and in private between those involved and Cecile.

I don't want this to be discussed on the Forum as it could easily become very upsetting for those involved and there could also be legal implications if people disagree that they have breached copyright.

For that reason this thread is now locked.

Please don't start new threads on the subject - they will be removed.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and co-operation. It is much appreciated. :)