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08-05-2013, 07:09 PM
Hi all,
Having a new bathroom fitted next Wednesday and when the man rang up today he said he'll be at my house at 8am and leaving around 5pm, and doing the same on Thursday, but at the most it'll take all of Weds and Thurs morning.
Is there any rule that says children can't be in the house when this works being done? Obviously I'm thinking with a new toilet being fitted they might not have free access to it (its the only bathroom in the house) and it might be out of use for a while I'm guessing?
We go to a baking group on Weds morning (9-12) and a playgroup on Weds afternoon (2-4) and also to a playgroup on Thursday morning so we will be out of the house a lot of the time but I'm just thinking if one needs the toilet in the hour or so we are at home?
Thanks xxx

08-05-2013, 07:25 PM
mmmm trixy, rest assured someone will need the loo and it will probably be you because you know you can't :D I'd be more concerned that you won't have access to running water for the day.

Just plan with your plumber convenient times to fit the loo and make sure its available when your at home, it doesn't take long to replace a toilet have him do it whilst your out, but remember nothing ever goes 'to plan'..

Building work cannot be carried out whilst children are on the premises, however, I think your plumber is ok but you will have to provide SAFE areas for the children and they must not have access to tools/equipment etc... (you'll have to make sure the plumber considers this) or the plumber access to the children, i'm sure you know this anyway.

Actually thinking that you may not have running water and will your heating system be ok? we had a burst pipe once under our bath OMG what a mess. This may cause a problem thinking about it and maybe this could be classed as building work. I would probably arrange to take the children out all day to be on the safe side.

I am very jealous that you are having a new bathroom, Good luck.

hectors house
08-05-2013, 09:00 PM
I would plan to be out most of the time, is there another childminders house you could go back to at lunchtime? or hope the weather is dry and take a picnic to the park. You will need to make sure that children don't have access to the bathroom while the plumber is in there and if you need to take a child in to the loo (they won't be able to go in on their own due to equipment and tools) and the plumber comes out, you can't leave him with the other children. I have had work done on my house during the day while minding, but never the bathroom.

I once had a new wooden hall laid in the hall and even though I knew the carpenter I still stayed upstairs the whole time the mindees were sleeping up there to protect myself from allegations of abuse.

Hope your plumber does a better job of your bathroom than my husband did - in the middle of the night we had a huge leak (the dog was nearly floating in her basket in the kitchen below) and the next day he had all the floor boards up, slipped on a joist and put his leg through kitchen ceiling)!

09-05-2013, 07:15 AM
Thanks for advice :) was really worrying that if I stayed open I could be in some sort of trouble, even if we weren't going to be in much at all.
I could go to another cms over the road, didn't even think of that- I'm sure she'll be happy to have us for lunch. I was thinking with the weather being warmer we may be able to have lunch in the garden but then there's still the toilet problem.
I've spoken to parents and they're happy for me to carry on minding while this is going on, I'm just praying it doesn't take longer than the 2 days!
I'd planned to bring the travel to downstairs in case the little one needs a nap in the hour or two we're at home but now I'm thinking really it would just be easier if we're out for most of the day as suggested, she has no problems sleeping in a pushchair, in fact she prefers it!
Also I will be asking him if it possible to do the toilet first just so it's done.
I have a feeling next weekend will be much needed lol!x