View Full Version : Bird Table?

28-04-2013, 09:41 AM
I would like to put a bird table in the garden as an ongoing activity but I was wondering if it would be a health issue (bird poo)? I also have a cat so would I be giving her her own fast food takeaway?

28-04-2013, 09:44 AM
How about just doing the food balls for birds and hanging high up around the sides where kids can still see them :)

28-04-2013, 10:01 AM
We have bird feeders hanging up in the garden, five or six of them at a time. We also have a cat who is a very keen hunter (he has brought home big crows and a couple of squirrels in his time!).

There aren't any droppings around the feeders, and the cat hasn't bothered with the birds in the garden - he seems to prefer to hunt elsewhere.