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27-04-2013, 08:51 AM
Hi all
I'm in process of registering and feel confident with what I will be doing with kids under eyfs. But I'm unsure what I'd do if I have to mind schoolkids after school. I haven't done my cypop5 yet so maybe this will be discussed on that course but if not would appreciate any advice. Is it expected that the school meets those kids educational needs so my main role is occupying them or do I need to be helping them to progress in someway. I love the eyfs and dev matters how it really spells out what kids need to be working on. So I feel a bit lost as to what to do for when kids are older. I was thinking lego, board games helping with homework letting them play on climbing frame swings outside etc. Which I can see developmental benefits of these activities is this enough or should I be providing long division or something lol? (Do kids still do long division even lol)Or is it something I would establish with the parents what they would like me to be doing?

Sorry I realise I must sound a bit silly with these questions lol.

27-04-2013, 10:15 AM
With my after school kid we don't do planning I such we take every day as it comes so if they wanna play outside in garden they can, or join us in a activity we are doing they can thier isn't no set way to do so it's what is easiest for you.
I don't do homework I feel that is a job for the parents and have enough with my own children :) but if your happy with doing that and can fit it in as well as the other mindees I'm sure parents would be happy lol :)

27-04-2013, 11:26 AM
Thanks so much for your reply. That's reassured me that I'd be able to handle them :)

27-04-2013, 01:32 PM
I have a lot of school children from foundation to year 6 and the best thing is to have good firm rules in place otherwise its stressful and your house and toys get trashed. I'm strict and it may sound like I run a boot camp but everyone has fun and loves coming. They mostly choose me instead of holiday club which is nice but I'm trying to cut down on older children as they are hard work. Very hard work :p all my schoolies are from the same school so they all know each other and all get on really well most of the time. They are all so lovely with the babies and toddlers and really respectful. Parents play a big part in this as all the parents are lovely and have taught their children well :)

We have a park on the way home from school so if its nice weather and not muddy (as they have their uniforms on) we go until about 4pm, 10min walk home, small play in garden or tv if wet, light tea nothing cooked, then either play, wii for 30mins or park for run around or footy ( we are lucky enough to have a huge green area next to the house) I don't plan anything, they just want to play or relax. The girls do colouring, the boys aren't interested in that.

My rules are :

the lounge can be used as a quiet room for watching tv and playing wii but no jumping around in there especially on my sofa. No toys in the lounge as i have a playroom. Respect my house, I will not tolerate anyone mistreating my house and things in it :)
No running inside so no tig or chase.
Respect the toys as the older ones can get too rough and the toys for the toddlers get broken
Not a lot of screaming and shouting in the garden, its not a school playground and I have neighbours to consider
Be kind and considerate to the younger children, definitely no swearing and think about the topic of conversation your having at the dining table when there are 2 and 3 yr olds about. (sometimes it can turn silly and talking about farts and boobs) I just remind them about the little ones.
Manners are very important and I will not tolerate anybody being mean to anyone else, so no name calling,bullying,excluding from games etc.
Sharing is important and being good role models to the smaller children

I don't do homework as its just not quiet here and I have enough helping my own two children when I finish work so that's done at home

28-04-2013, 07:51 PM
Thank you that's really helpful :)