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23-04-2013, 08:32 PM
I have offered flexible care and it really has worked well. So well that infact i took on my 18 year old daughter as my assistant while she finishes her level 3. It has worked quite well but here we are a year on and im starting to regret everything. Some parents are now just taking the ****. I have one who doent work and brings her child here twice a week. the hours are suppossed to be 9.30 - 4,each week she gradually got later or text to keep him longer which i didnt mind, but now its got to 5.30 and everyone else has gone home and i just want to clean up and she comes around the corner at 5.45 and stands talking til gone 6, i cant get rid of her. I have now told her that she needs to be here at 5.15 so hopefully thats now sorted. Another one is always later and i dont usually mind but today they should have been collected at 4.30 ( i knew she'd be later) i done tea for those that were staying for tea and her two carried on playing in the living room, at 4.55 i get a text saying could i give them tea as she will be there at 5.15. I text back saying no sorry because ive done tea. What a cheek! She got here at 5.30. An after school child who i do love bless him is so hard work at times he needs to be watched all the time and shows off infront of others and parents.
When i finally get the door closed i then have all the clearing up to do and then its happy house, not!!!!!! My husband comes in, knackered and moans, my 15 year old has become very moody and i think shes depressed nothing makes her happy, an then my 18 year old (who works with me) starts and thinks she runs everything. I getting really fed up i just want peace in the evenings and everyone is moody. Ive taken to my bedroom at 8 each evening to do some of my ever growing pile of paperwork, but i can still here all the winging! Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

23-04-2013, 08:44 PM
I know how u feel , i've been doing it for 15 years and i understand everything u say .Just get tough with them family including .
Clients just seem to want more and more , start charging them for every 5 minutes they are late extra for the meals you have done extra , they will soon get fed up .
My daughter is my assistant as well and sometimes i can't wait to c the back of her even though i love her to bits .
She has also been pushing her luck this month i cant wait to give her her wages then she will be in for a big shock .

24-04-2013, 05:44 PM
:group hug::group hug: