View Full Version : Help Storage advice please.

21-04-2013, 02:51 PM
I have been a childminder for 7 years now and have accumulated a lot of toys over the years. I currently have children's toys in modular open units in the lounge but this just doesn't work and it annoys my family no end. :angry:I have just bought a large office cupboard to keep the bulkier toys and special toys in, I get these out when children want them, I also have pictures on the front so they can see what's available. This is working well. I would like to get a sideboard type cupboard to house the rest of the toys now as my husband and son moan that they can't move and are fed up of kids getting everything out and not even playing. I'm just wondering what you guys do to keep everyone happy in your house. I still want children to choose their toys without having to hunt for parts of shape sorters and puzzles at 10 o'cock at night.
I know I'm going on a bit but it would be nice to have a lounge where I can shut things away in the evening. :cool:

21-04-2013, 05:05 PM
I've got a lot of my toys in a shed on my patio, it's just outside my back door, the toys are in plastic storage boxes in there, and i keep my buggies in there too when i dont need them, then in my back room I have 3 tall trofast units from ikea, the boxes are labelled so children know whats in them, so they still get a choice of what to play with, I do like to pack everything away when I'm not childminding so I get my house back for a few days a week!!