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19-04-2013, 08:23 PM
I have a potential parent that might be calling me regarding looking after their child. The child has speech and language difficulty and would need help with it. What does this mean and how can I help?

19-04-2013, 08:56 PM

My daughter used to attend speech therapy once a week and we used to get worksheets to do a home with her - maybe it is this type of help?

Cant imagine you would be to do it often as if done too much the child can become more aware of problem and then struggle even more - we used to leave it to speech therapist and just do the set homework and then when something was said unclear we would repeat it correctly but without making a big thing of it otherwise my daughter would get very frustrated.

All thing now though so she got there in the end x

20-04-2013, 07:15 AM
Is it a language difficulty or a speech difficulty? If its speech then you might have to support in use of augmented communication such as sign language, sound board or pecs etc. If its a language delay that you might have to do things like set up situations to encourage kid to speak. Maybe broken down to first sound. E.g. Giving child a sandwich in Tupperware and encouraging kid to say 'open' or just 'o' I expect the child is getting professional support though and it will be a case of you following what therapist suggests. Maybe taking child to a chatterbox group or something similar. The I can website might be useful for you to browse.