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18-04-2013, 04:46 PM
Hiya guys to be honest I feel sick, I have been looking after child of 2 since last July and I got hit, kicked the behavior at time was not control-able etc constantly and so did my son and assistant.
Recently when the child was in I sent my son to a friends so he was not faced with this. But it was still happening to the other children, I have had parents complaining left right and centre.
So tonight I terminated the contract ( was this right to do>), it was making me so I'll. The parent shouted, called me a liar and slated me so I am very upset as all my other parents are so happy with my service and I am full.

Have I done the right thing? Does anyone actually put up with it? Worried about her complaining to ofsted worked to hard for that to happen.

Very sad childminder x

The Juggler
18-04-2013, 04:49 PM
oh hon. I had to do the same before. my parent was in complete denial about child's behaviour despite numerous meetings and action plans. I put up with it for 8 months - it was making me ill too. I cannot tell you the relief when I gave notice. You ARE allowed to do this. parent will get over it. Meantime, call ofsted tell them what happened just to pre-empt her calling them.

sending a hug.

18-04-2013, 04:49 PM
Sounds like you have done the right thing for everyone and its not easy to do ! Was it out of blue for mum?

18-04-2013, 04:53 PM
YES, YES, YES you have done exactly the right thing.

Your son has effectively been driven out of his home by the actions of this child and it sounds like mum is as bad too. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Give it a few days and you will see a drastic improvement to you, your family and everyone who access's your setting and you will know yourself it is the best move and well done for doing it. Be strong until then.

18-04-2013, 04:58 PM
Oh, you poor thing.

You definitely did right in terminating the contract. You shouldn't have to deal with that sort of behaviour.

What you have to do is make sure you've covered yourself in case parents do put in a complaint to Ofsted.

Did you discuss behaviour with parents?
Did you follow your behaviour management policy & make sure parents have a copy of it?
Did you put a plan in place, in agreement with parents?

If you have done all of the above, make sure you have it all documented. If you have spoken to parents, try to remember what they said, when it was said etc. Do you have any incidents recorded & signed by parents?

Then, just double check your contract. Make sure it says you can terminate immediately due to behaviour.

18-04-2013, 05:00 PM
Thank you so much, I feel a little better now!
No it was not really out of the blue as I have had many meetings and if anything happened I told her on the day so she knew of behaviour.

Will call ofsted tomorrow to cover my back, this is the horrible part of the job as I do love it but I could not carry on like this any more xx

18-04-2013, 05:01 PM
It really does sound like you have done the right thing for all of you.

Have you spoken to mum previously about the child's behaviour, just thinking if not it prob did come as a bit of a shock hence the reaction.

If, however, she was already aware of it she can't be surprised, but is most likely totally biase of her child, after all who likes being given notice because their child's behaviour is so unacceptable!?

Well done for making the decision though, u r much better off without the stress in ur life!