View Full Version : upset about not being upset!

17-04-2013, 12:41 PM
Maybe its my hormones but today is a lo's last day and I'm not really sad to see her go.

I'm reallly surprised as shes been with me for over a year and is really lovely but just can't feel sad. Normally I'd have a little cry or feel at least weepy even with the waa I was kinda glad to see the back off but no nothing!!!!

17-04-2013, 12:50 PM
I have had some I cried buckets over and others I was just relieved to see the back of - in the nicest way! Just dynamics were not quite right or the school run a chore. Don't feel bad

When I nannied before CMing I had been full time with a family for 5 years, left as pregnant with my 1st child by then. I counted the days to leaving that one although I loved them to bits. The time was just right.

I have 2 leaving for school this summer - well one might be hols only, the other will prob use granny and I will be in sobbing tears if so :(

17-04-2013, 01:51 PM
I was the same when I left the nursery I was in. Enjoyed working there and loved the children but was happy to leave and start my new adventure. Dont feel bad about not getting upset you probably wont get upset every time especially the more you get used to them coming and going.:thumbsup:

17-04-2013, 02:06 PM
I dont usually get upset when they leave its all part of the job and its what we are supposed to be doing, preparing them for the next stage of life. I often have children who start as babies and stay until comprehensive school. I see most of them now and again as they live locally. Makes me proud to have helped make them the fine young people they are now OR makes me cringe when I think of how lovely they used to be :D

17-04-2013, 03:06 PM
I had one leave the other week and Id had him for 2 years from a baby

I wasnt upset at all , the only time I did feel a little twinge was when my 6 yr old son told him he loved him as he left , it was really touching , and I did feel sad for them

but he was more than ready to move on to preschool and he also aggravated the other children quite alot ,he was quite bossy with them my days are not spent refereeing now and all the children get on better

I think the more you do this job the less you are effected too , because you realise that its just a circle which keeps going round , children in and out and I feel good when they move on happy and confident little people

christine e
17-04-2013, 03:35 PM
Think sometimes you are just better prepared for it and a year isn't that long - the ones I get upset about are the ones I have had for years and feel really close to