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16-04-2013, 09:17 AM
or whatever it's called now, lol! :p
After reading Sarah's brilliant advice (thankyou Sarah!!!) and loads of threads about this I have two more points to clarify, if anyone can help?

Does the RA for making an exception need to be in writing?

I was previously granted a variation to have a child for extra days which meant I had four on two days a week for a period of about six months. The new guidance talks about exceptional circumstances which I take to mean a parent needing an extra day or a few hours extra care for some reason, causing an overlap.
What if the circumstances are a bit more permanent though and an existing parent requests extra hours which would cause an overlap on one day a week between now and September, can we do this? Am thinking that if this was allowed by Ofsted before then it would still be ok but am I wrong?

Any help appreciated!

16-04-2013, 10:23 AM
All mine are written down and so I have evidence if Ofsted were to come round. :thumbsup:
I find them tedious as I've now done about 7 which are all basically stating the same info.

Iv'e just done one this morning actually :angry: (hate them..lol) because my mindee of 3 days a week needs to come an extra day from May so I'll have 4 on Thursdays. It will run from 9th May until my other Mindee goes to school (12th July, as shes term time only)

16-04-2013, 05:12 PM
The requirements do not state RA must be in writing but mine is written - I don't want to have to explain it verbally to an inspector if someone makes a complaint against me - I want it in writing to show I have thought it through carefully.

Hth :D