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13-04-2013, 06:18 PM
Hi I saw someone mentioned about there plans to go green as in being enviromentlly friendly.

I want to do the same ie to send invoices n newsletters via email.

Any tips and ideas how to put this to parents n put it in my SEF?

Thanks in advance xT

hectors house
13-04-2013, 06:56 PM
Last Sept when EYFS changed and I have to re-do all policies I gave parents the option of having new policies either e-mailed to them or put on a CD - 4 choose e-mail and 2 choose CD's - I just have one paper copy which is in a folder if anyone wants to stand and read it here - it is clearly marked for reference only.

I also stopped doing written daily diaries and do them by e-mail each evening instead (I only had one parent who read it properly anyway) - I trialled both for a while and asked the parents for feed back - everyone said they liked having them by e-mail as they can read on computer or phone if not at home (I also get more feedback and more thanks, sometimes people are better at expressing it to a computer than they are face to face - I make sure I keep a copy of it to show Ofsted) - most of my mindees have one parent bring and another one (or grandparent) collect so not everyone gets the verbal feedback each day. I have one parent who hasn't got internet access at home, she can only read e-mails at her parents or when at college - so I print off the daily diary and send it home each day with the gran.

I still print off my newsletter but may start to e-mail that next time - currently printing, e-mailing and texting holiday dates to make sure they take notice and no-one can say they didn't receive them.

I would ask parents what they prefer and change them over slowly - it will show how you communicate with parents and take on board their views, all good to mention in your SEF (you could always bend the truth and say a parent requested an e-mailed newsletter as they always lost the paper one)!:D

13-04-2013, 07:32 PM
How green do you want to go?! Reducing paper is great, and a good start. I am paper free here generally. In terms of invoices, newsletters, policies etc.
Reducing waste generally is something you can look at throughout your CMing and household and is good to talk about in newsletters too. So, maximum recycling, reusing materials for all craft activities, composting and showing children how to save fruit and veg waste, having a water butt (I have one the children can use on the patio). I collect plastic bottle tops from all the parents and take to a charity recycling place.
You could have a regular eco section in your newsletter with a new focus each time, to show parents what you are doing and what they could do at home.