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26-03-2013, 08:32 PM
Hi I'm fairly new on here and a newish cm. I worked for 18 months before going on mat leave. When I started I had 1 10mo and 3 under 16 months one of which my own. I had these children for 18 months and as they were similar ages could all do similar activities and napped at the same time. I have been working again for 6 weeks with 2 10 mo and 2 3 yr . 2 are mine and 2 are siblings. I am one over numbers looking after a sibling of a child I already looked after. My plan was that when the babies napped I would do a separate activity for the older 2. Baby doesn't nap easily :-( at home she is rocked to sleep or sleeps in car seat. Today she slept for 25 mins ( I have her for 10 hours 4 days a week) and then cries as she is so tired. I feel that all my time and energy is going on her with no time for the older ones or my own baby. I really need to make this work and have so many exciting things to do if I have happy settled children. I need to be able yo meet the needs of the 3 yr whilst dealing with a cranky baby. Early days I know but any advise welcome. Sorry for long post.

27-03-2013, 02:28 PM
Feel your pain, I recently had three 10 months old start and have two of these most days (am allowed two under one here, and they are all
Now 12 months) man Is it hard work! I had all 2/3 year olds last year, big difference!! One was fine, most days he settles ok mum has him in good routine but the other two have been nightmare , only sleeping 40 mins at a time.. One is usually breastfed to sleep and other one rocked in arms. I have put them both in buggy with a cosy foot muff (jj cole urban bundleme) and drape a blanket over top to block out light, I have rocked them to sleep and when they woke after 40 mins I rocked them again until they went off and kept doing that Til they had had hour and half.. Like you little one they had definitely not had enough! It has worked, in combination with parents working on putting them down to settle themselves (encourage mum to start by putting little one down once asleep then gradually less and less asleep so eventually they are awake going down) and also wearing them out in the morning, with either a session at toddlers, playground etc or a blow of fresh air in buggy And a good crawl round floor .,they now sleep almost two hours without disturbing most days I can't believe it! It will be harder if parents won't do it at home but is still possible they soon learn u wont take nonsense... It is worth a few mins getting them settled if you can get some peace after for doing stuff with other little ones. Maybe put on a bit of TV for them for a few mins?
Good luck hang in there!

27-03-2013, 08:46 PM
Stick to your guns, they will learn to sleep while at yours if you remain clear and consistent with them. Can you focus on the big ones earlier in the day, perhaps setting the littlies up with something on the floor while you do a table activity with the bigger ones? Or, take nap time out to the park! Babies often sleep better in fresh air, and if they are upset, it's much easier to deal with. I've spent time pushing a swing with one hand and a pushchair with the other before now!! As you say, they'll be happier in the afternoon then too. Good luck!

27-03-2013, 11:25 PM
If parent needs persuading to change their bedtime routine then get them to watch bedtime live on channel 4.... What happens when kids don't learn how to get themselves to sleep. Bad times!! Hope you sort it out, it's very hard looking after cranky baby... X x

29-03-2013, 03:11 PM
Thanks for your replies. I am going to try and stick to it as you say. This week saw no improvement :-(. I went 'with the flow' twice in the week and she had one nap just before lunch which meant 2 lunches!! Also if she sleeps over lunch it doesn't really give me time to do anything with the older ones. We'll get there I guess!

29-03-2013, 04:32 PM
When you don't have sole charge of one child it is all about compromise. That means that everyone has to compromise at some point, even little babies. It is not fair for one child to dominate and steal other children's time. Be firm with the routine that you want to establish. She will ultimately be more secure with a routine that she can rely on anyway, so you're not being mean. Nothing wrong with letting her cry a little if you know in your heart that she has had her share of cuddles and attention and is safe and well. Don't mean to sound harsh on the baby. I've been there and let one dominate and then I put my foot down and everyone is happier for it. x

04-04-2013, 10:22 AM
Totally agree with Maza. I have a lo who mum said cries all day at home until picked up. Apparently mum spends most of her day cuddling lo and watching tv. I give plenty of cuddles on arrival and then put lo on the floor to play with the other children/toys. At first she cried so I ignored it as I knew she was fine. This only lasted a day now she comes in and doesnt even bother with a morning cuddle! Your baby will get there if you stick to your guns. Good luck :thumbsup: