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24-03-2013, 09:17 AM
Hi all. I've been minding coming up a year and one thing that goes through my head is that maybe I'm too honest with parents.
I have 7 on my books. I always mention to the parents if we've had a difficult time, for example one of my 6 yr old lo gets very sensitive about things so if he is having one of those episodes I will mention at pick up.
Similarly an 18m old I have can get very clingy to me, and has episodes where if I don't pick her up or sit with her on my lap she will follow me around crying. Also can get a bit jealous when I spend time with other children. I do tell parent about this too. I feel it's important to be honest and try to make things as transparent as I can. But I do wonder if the parents really worry. When I used a childminder only once or twice would she say things like they've been squabbling today.. Can't believe my children are different from others, maybe she wasn't telling me as much (I didn't get very much feedback from her at all really)
I just wanted some opinions really.. How honest are you??

24-03-2013, 09:54 AM
It depends on what it's about... I was told once that for every negative you need to tell parents 7 positives to cancel it out and that's certainly true with my parents.

I always have at least one happy story from the day to tell them - 'isn't she getting fab with...', 'wow she did xx today' etc.

If there are problems and I have effectively managed them / the children have been dealt with then as far as I am concerned they are over and done with...

UNLESS they are continuing to impact OR they are a safeguarding concern (running into the road, biting etc) in which case I will ask parents to sign paperwork and call them in for a meeting to talk about them properly - not at the door when other children need me.

Hope that helps :D

24-03-2013, 10:01 AM
If I am having problems with children, wether it be behaviour, eating, etc, I am always very honest with parents, as I wouldnt it want to be a sudden shock for me to turn round and say something like - 'oh yes, for the past 5 weeks x has cried for an hour after drop off' - because as a parent I'd want to be as informed as possible!!!

24-03-2013, 10:07 AM
If I have to give negative news , I always immediately say something positive , as Id rather send them away with the good thing being the last thing they heard

It is important to be honest , but I do sometimes skirt over something if its a reoccuring thing they are aware of

eg , one lo was having 2,3,4 tantrums a day and I got tired of telling mum every day about her latest , so I just mention once a week now ,"she is having less now" or " she is finding new ways to deal with her frustrations and listening more "

so Mum is still aware that it is happening , but Im not saying the same thing every day , I dont think thats helpful for mum or lo

Sometimes as a parent , you just dont need the nitty gritty , just the general idea :)

24-03-2013, 10:13 AM
We mention to parents if we feel we need to. If we do say something negative we do also point out the positives