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20-03-2013, 02:03 PM
I was chatting to my brother at the weekend. He's 25 and works in a council run nursery. He works 1-1 with under 5's who have autism, developmental problems or need extra help and care :)
He said he went on his first aid course a couple of weeks ago and there were about 4 childminders there. 2 of which had been doing it a while.

One of them had the longest false nails you had ever seen and refused to join in front of everyone because she might break a nail and was pretty uninterested in anything said (How do you look after children without taking an eye out or change a nappy??) she just pulled a face at the dummy and said I can't do it.

The other one, who had been minding for a while, didn't know we had to keep records of medication given and turned to the childminder next to her, with the nails and said "I don't bother telling parents if their kid has hurt themselves, it's better they don't know ain't it"

Shocking, He was slightly cross at the attitudes as he knows I childmind.... :(

The Juggler
20-03-2013, 02:06 PM
i know a few like that - makes my blood boil :angry:

20-03-2013, 02:21 PM
That is shocking. And poor mindees :(

Makes you wonder whether the parents know or if they do know but couldn't give a monkeys?

20-03-2013, 02:31 PM
Goodness me, how awful, yes its a poor representation of us hardworking, loving, caring CM's

20-03-2013, 02:38 PM
I am totally shocked by that. All the childminders we have met so far have been great, not only with the children they mind but also with us when we have explained that we are starting up and why.

20-03-2013, 02:48 PM
i knew some like that too :(

20-03-2013, 02:51 PM
You get shoddy people in all walks of life and all occupations sadly. But for every bad CM out there it is balanced by many super ones. Thank goodness :thumbsup:

20-03-2013, 08:01 PM
oh yuk!!! what an attitude! lets hope she pokes her own eye out;)

20-03-2013, 08:22 PM
I sadly know one that thinks like these too. I treat my parents and children how i'd want myself or my daughter to be treated. I wonder why some people do this job sometimes!

20-03-2013, 08:26 PM
Thats terrible!!!! Surely Ofsted will be asking to see the medication file/accident book etc. is all filled in and signed. I would not be a happy parent if I found out that my little ones childminder did not bother about these sort of things!

20-03-2013, 09:48 PM
Hey i wear false nails, i change nappies with no problems ever and ive never taken a childs eye out. Im a fab childminder with false nails!!! :) x

21-03-2013, 12:19 AM
Terrible and it potentially gives us all a bad reputation. I wonder if the first aider or another delegate at the course may call ofsted to advice them. Maybe they'll get a visit from our friends at ofsted.
Other than the fact it is a safeguarding issue if a child is hurt in your care you don't say anything. I'd personally think about calling ofsted myself. But worried about the children in their care. Am I being too harsh???

Little Pickles
21-03-2013, 07:03 AM
Shocking indeed..... And surely wouldn't have bee issued with first aid certificate without doing the practical activities ?

21-03-2013, 12:36 PM
Sorry kats, I'm sure your nails are fab :) I'm sure you manage just fine.....

Mine are terrible :( I painted them on Saturday, now its half peeled off.

jackie 7
21-03-2013, 03:32 PM
I worked in a nursery and met people like that. And when I nannied I met them ad we but the vast majority of people are kind and careful. I have even met nice bankers!

21-03-2013, 05:06 PM
Now now be careful what you say. I used to be a banker before I became a childminder :D

21-03-2013, 06:50 PM
Yeah me too jillplum lol

24-03-2013, 07:58 PM
This is a lot like a nanny in our area! She peacocks around thinking she is the greatest hottest thing on the planet and constantly tuts at our place when she walks past! She allows the children she nannies for to run ahead and across roads on their own! She is always immaculate, never ever seen her dirty. Just perfect. Who am I to judge? but I will say this! It comes across that it is all about her not the children. My DW who slogs her guts out and puts up with so much never ever looses sight of the fact it is about the children at the end of the day. I dont know lol.
Having long nails, then being terrified they will break and being a childminder at the same time lol... crazy lol.

24-03-2013, 08:36 PM
Oh wow I have real long nails I must be really terrible and yes I hate breaking them have you any idea how they take to grow :-D

Perhaps the mindee had an adversion to the plastic dummy not the fact she had long nails :-)

I also dont judge a person by the way they are dressed.

However in every occupation you will find good and bad not every minder can be a Mary poppins.