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15-03-2013, 04:05 PM
Hi I looking for some advice I have a 19mnth old boy who comes 4 days a week lovely
Boy - he was a big crier when he 1st started n didn't like nap times either. All settled now n gd relationship and routine.

He is still a very caution boy and is continually carrying objects (containment scheme I think) and I mean always carrying like x3 happyland buildings at once... Plus everything is in the mouth cup/bottle,toys, clothes books everything.

He is not a very good eater- portion size n still very much mush lots of tinned ravioli (provided my mum).

On a plus side his understanding is gr8 'go n get ur shoes pls' - 'sit down at the table for lunch'. Problem solving fantastic- puzzles, sorting, shapes, . He loves sensory tubs, sorting trays n is gr8 outside ( much less carrying n hding onto things). He particularly enjoys the mud kitchen.

BUT- his only noise is. 'Err' and 'dr' with a point of the finger. No 'mama', 'bye', 'hiya'. No animal noises- nothing. He also has a what I call lazy tongue it sits half out on his bottom lip.!?!

So went to SLAT training last night and it really rang some alarm bells- i think I had forgotten how old he was. So had a look at his DM sheet n I can not confidently say he is secure in either 8-20 or 16-26 in CL - the old ECAT raises a red flag at 16 mnths if no single words which he hasn't.

So should I b concerned ? He is 19mnths - 2yrs in August ! Im happy with all the other areas of development ... Or is it a case of support watch n see ??

Any suggestion on best way to get detailed observation Im thinking video to record any sounds...

Will HV b interested ??

Thanks for letting me air these concerns it helps just to get it of my chest and given me some gd pointers where to start with this terms SA.

15-03-2013, 04:54 PM
Has he had a dummy some children do this with their tongue when they have, is English his first language at home, are you confident with his hearing, is he a first child do you think parents talk to him much, if he's a second child he could have what we refer to as 2nd child syndrome ie. everyone pre-empts what he wants and older sibling talks for him, how long have you had him. Sorry for all the questions but they will all make a difference, l have a child the same age who only has 3 clear words bus, bird and bye and 5 others which from the sounds l know what he is saying, we (parents and l) are not too concerned yet as mum speaks German sometimes as well as English (her English is perfect) he also has an older sister who will fetch and do things for him, also his hearing is under review he doesn't hear very quiet/soft sounds when he has a hearing test although this isn't apparent in every day listening.

hectors house
15-03-2013, 05:02 PM
Sounds like he has poor mouth control - he doesn't have a dummy but uses other things instead - toys, bottle etc
You say he has a lazy mouth - had a little boy like this (who did also have dummy), who always had mouth open and tongue forward.
Not eating food he has to chew - again not using mouth correctly can prevent children from making correct mouth shapes to form words, but very strange that he doesn't really make any proper noises or animal sounds.

I have one coming up 23 months that I am monitoring very closely using ECAT sheets but at least he is now making animal noises and clicking sounds. I was just looking at all of his EYFS sheets and it is really noticeable how much under speech isn't highlighted - so am going to spell it out to his mum next week - actually write it in an observation that I think it should be mentioned before his 2 year check (they don't do it here until 2 & a half). Have also spent all morning following round a nearly 3 year old interacting with her as she played, writing detailed observation on her pronouciation - which hasn't improved since I did her 2 year check up - 4 months ago.

I think you need to do the same and flag up your concerns with his parents - suggest they keep a note of sounds he makes at home so you can compare notes.

15-03-2013, 05:14 PM
[QUOTE="QualityCare;1225361"]Has he had a dummy some children do this with their tongue when they have,

No dummy- but always got a bottle - and bottle not a cup

is English his first language at home,

Yes English 1st language

are you confident with his hearing

No concerns with hearing

is he a first child do you think parents talk to him much,

2nd child but not sure how much mummy's- talks- sings to him

if he's a second child he could have what we refer to as 2nd child syndrome ie. everyone pre-empts what he wants and older sibling talks for him, how long have you had him.

Yes 2nd child - 3 yrs age gap - think he is almost ignore not in a bad way and then given drink/bottle or food or picked up to keep quiet. But agree big sister just gives him things if he makes a noise ( she comes during holidays)

He has been with me just coming up to 1yr but as I said 4-6mnths of that were spent crying on n off. And concentrated on developing confidence n security - think he was pasted from pillar to post b4 CM was found so mum could work ie went to sleep with mummy there but when woke u he was a uncle/grandmas/BF house n mummy had gone to work . And mummy's hours changed a lot .

We have no words... Mum says he said 'tea' the other day ( as in wants a bottle of cold tea :-0) but during role play I have prompted for a 'cup of tea' n nothing ...

It's the fact theres no other sounds or babble just 'err' but this is an improvement on screaming every time I moved :-)) I'm hoping the screaming g gas just held us up a bit n it will all just start following - as I said he is a clever little boy and I'm pretty sure he understand most of what I say. He is a big thinker and watcher too.

15-03-2013, 05:51 PM
Does sound like screaming has got him what he wanted and know that you have worked on that he should pick up that sounds will get him what he wants, treat him like a baby learning sounds for the first time children need to go through all stages of development so need to go backwards if they miss something, Bottle hasn't helped might as well have had a dummy. If no improvement with making sounds in a couple of months suggest mum sees HV.

Carol M
15-03-2013, 07:48 PM
I have recently aired my concerns to parents about lo 17mths who comes 2 days a week and at 16mths was not using a single word here. Also has tongue out all the time, fussy eater, not trying to respond/copy my words..... all signs that had me concerned for speech. As your lo, understanding is fab, no worries there.
I suggested maybe talk with HV, tongue def seems a problem for lo. HV was there the next day and wasn't worried. I get the feeling parents not happy with my concerns. One month later and a few words have emerged! Maybe I reacted too quickly, I won't be doing that again!
Carol x

15-03-2013, 09:36 PM
i currently have 3 or 4 little ones between the ages of 13mths and 30mths and none of them say very much, some will scream or make a noise and point for things and others will just stand there until they are asked. They do follow instructions so seem to understand so i am not too concerned. The boys seem to be slower than the girls and the older boys aged 28 and 30 mths have only really started talking over the last couple of months but have started to improve. If they get to their pre-school year i would be very concerned about their speech and would seek advice unless other alarm bells were ringing.

hectors house
15-03-2013, 11:11 PM
Just think what would happen to all these children if they were in a nursery when the ratios change - would anyone even have time to talk to them let alone "listen" to realise that these busy little children, who are ticking all the boxes in other areas of development aren't talking back? I'm sure there are more children with speech delays and language problems than there used to be when my own children were small (20 + years ago), this is why stategies like "ECAT" Every Child a Talker and "Make chatter matter" were introduced, but all this will be wasted if no one has time to listen, observe, record and find help for these kids anymore.