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15-03-2013, 10:26 AM
Hi all,

Oh what a morning,
This morning I had my 2 normal mindees plus another 2 that I only normally have on the afternoon school run.
I have had them before in the morning a couple of times. The youngest of the two is 3yrs and when his mum dropped them off he just kicked off, mum made a quick exit and I was left to deal with in which he punched and kicked my walls grabbed any thing he could and throw it so moved him to the hall way way from anything he could hurt himself or the others with.
I told him this behaviour was unexceptable and he needs to sit there until he has calmed down in which he made a run for the front door which was chained so he couldn't get out. He was getting himself so upset, I told him to sit back down and he just sat on the floor kicking. By now my dd was really upset and the other kids where all confused. His brother didn't seem to bothered.
He finally calmed down a bit by which time it was time to go to school/ nursery but he refused to so I asked him if he wanted to go in the stroller he said no. So picked him up a carried him most the way. As we got o his nursey he was crying and I handed him to his key worker explained we had a bad morning.

I'm just concerned to why he does this in the mornings as he has done it (not as bad) twice before. When I pick him up he is a different child happy, comes in and plays or colours.
I'm getting my self worked up of it and I know I have got him for 3 mornings next week. :(

15-03-2013, 10:32 AM
Hi Honey

First off, someone with much more experence will be along soon I'm sure, but I wanted to say "Hugs" and ...

I don't know what time the lo is dropped off, but if its not too early before school, could you ask mum to meet you in a local park instead? The others can have fun if he kicks off, and there's less damage he can do there? I know that you probably dread the idea of being seen in public with an out of controll 3 year old - but the change of scene might break the pattern?

Unless theres some activty that you know he'll always go for and perhaps mum could get him started on it before she goes?

We've had peppa pig on before now!

Good luck and I'll be interested to hear others suggestions.

15-03-2013, 11:10 AM
Didn't want to read and run , it could be that he's just tired ? I have a little girl who does this now and again and it is when she's tired , x

15-03-2013, 11:10 AM
Does this purely happen at drop offs before nursery? If so then I would say although it is annoying it is most likely a phase that you need to ride out. I often find mine worse at either drop off or collections. If your hall is the safest place for him then put him there and leave him there saying he is welcome to join you/the others as soon as he is ready. I wouldn't be carrying a 3 yr old to nursery if I didn't have to - I would tell him he can walk nicely or go on reins. Oooo I am strict!

15-03-2013, 11:11 AM
Did he know that he was coming to you in the morning? Could it be that he wasn't prepared for a change in routine and that has really upset him? I have a 5 yr old who did this once when his mum got held up and phoned me in a total panic to ask if I could get him from school. He really kicked off and was so upset that it was me not mum who picked him up. Not that he isn't happy with me just he was expecting mum. Was awful, he upset the others took us 30 mins to do a 5 min walk home, he kicked and screamed refused to cross the road. I was close to tears by the time we got back to the house. When we did get back he then sat in the playroom with his coat on clutching his lunchbox for about an hour until he came out of it and was totally fine. He is now told if there is a chance mum might be late!

17-03-2013, 07:50 AM
Thank you all for your messages, it's really nice to hear others opinion.

I think it was down to him being out of his normal routine as it was a last minute thing and mum properly not informed about coming to mine in the morning until he was in the car.

I do worry about his anger though I think he is a frustrated little boy as his the youngest of three boys, I feel he is kind of the forgotten one.

I'm hoping by me picking him up mon and tue I can prepare him for Wednesday am drop off and we don't have a repeat. I have a park just behind my house so weather depending I think I will see if they want to meet there.