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13-03-2013, 09:41 AM
Parent dropped little one off late. Which is fine as image no plans but he said when he arrived outside to his mum that he didn't want to come as he doesn't like me or my son! Mum was all worried about leaving him because he was really angry when he came in.

He's quite an angry little boy. - Always hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking etc but can be so loving & affectionate too.
Yesterday to stop 2 children coming near him he kicked 1 full force in the chest but had a 'i mean it look in his face'. Some of the things he says & does I would expect from 10year old!!
Anyway, we're dealing with it & he's improving slowly.
When chatting to his mum this morning I said about how my lo her lo are shocked by each others reactions. My lo to her sons violence & her lo to my sons stamping feet & crying when he can't get his own way.
My lo really backs away from any sort of hitting etc & she came back with 'yeah but you've not had to leave your son at a nursery or anything'
I wouldn't mind but I'm much stricter with my lo than anyone else's!!

I was a bit thrown as what does this have to do with her sons behaviour. He's been in nursery since 5 months & her & dad told me he was a bit if an angry child!!

Is this a pang of jealousy? She hinted at becoming my assistant & can't believe I changed my career just to be with my son!

13-03-2013, 11:38 AM
I'm afraid I'm quite hard-nosed about this sort if thing...

Suggest a plan of action (which you may already have done), give it a timescale and, if no improvement, I would give notice.

It's not acceptable for a Mindee to lash out on other Mindees and a CMs children. I have been in this situation - the child did not improve and the parents just made excuses and didn't help the situation. I never regretted giving notice.

13-03-2013, 01:14 PM
Sounds like maybe this poor little boy just needs love and attention, from mum and dad!!!! I find if I praise as much as I can when they do something good that makes them think twice about being naughty. Good luck I know it's hard :) x

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