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jackie 7
11-03-2013, 01:22 PM
Hi I have a 2 yr old boy. He is babied by parents this morning dad carried him to my door. He is clumsy and much slower at taking toys out to play with. If I put toys out hd just states at them. He has problems chewing. When he started at 1 he had not had anything hard to eat and used to gum breadsticks. When he speaks he drops the first part of the word and very few words are understandable. He came at first 2 mornings a week now 1 day a week. I will do his check doom but am not sure what to say about his speech. I have had talks with parents but they say they understand him. The other thing is that he doesn't want to look at me.

hectors house
11-03-2013, 01:52 PM
I would find out when health visitors carry out their 2 year development check and try to delay doing this childs 2 year report until just before the HV check, as at this age a lot of things can change in a month. Be honest on the development check you write and discuss it with parents, it is of course up to them whether they share your report with the Health Visitor, this is where the new system falls down as you aren't allowed to contact HV direct. Have you still got development officers in your area - could you ask yours to pop in to casually observe this child - my DO is also our SENCO but she is being made redundant in the summer.

I have got a 23 month old mindee whose speech is similar to yours - he just says the start of a word - I have mentioned to his mum but she doesn't seem bothered, but his development in other areas is generally good - but a little laid back, why do something if someone will do it for you!

It's a small world
11-03-2013, 02:24 PM
I have a 29 month old whose speech is in the 8-20 month range- very few words and they are not always recognizable. Cannot string sentences together. After several months of explaining to parent that they were behind -( parent used lazy and siblings as an excuse ) and said they could understand what mindee was saying this and that but i saw no evidence if it. I finally did 2.5 yr check and they soon realised that because of their speech they were falling behind in other areas if the EYFS. Parent soon booked an appointment for HV and lo had a check up and was referred to a speech therapist and a hearing test. Parent now finally removed dummy and bottle !! Mindee gradually improving just from these being removed but parent still insists they are talking sentences etc and can i move them up in obs( not really as not stringing sentences together on own- repeating words one by one as parent saying it) however an improvement from before. Look at EYFS. Do your check and pass into parent for HV. Also keep encouraging to pronounce words better - correcting and praising etc. word games/ repeating games etc. you can only do so much .xxx oh and be honest on check. I was bothered how parent would react but it seems to have make them realise it could be something more serious x

11-03-2013, 04:30 PM
I have a very similar 21/2 year old, unfrtunately we are unable to do anything without parental consent, so i record the things that I observe LO doing, keep half termly assessments and try and do as much as i can to support the child. I spent ages on his 2 year check, which I did a few days before he had his check with the HV, but i have no idea whether mum shared it as we do nt recieve feedback from the HV in our area :(

11-03-2013, 04:48 PM
I have a 3 yr old with delayed speech , when she started at 36 months I could barely understand a word

she changes or misses out the start of words and talks really fast gobblyde gook

Mum is aware and has sought help in the past but had become a bit complacent and stopped going to speech therapy

I did a complete evaluation of the child , in all the development matters , and I clearly state on them the age range I believe their development is in ,I had her speaking at 8-20month I included statement like "I found it difficult to evaluate her understanding of the world as I cannot understand her " "X has regular tantrums and I feel this is through frustration at not being able to be understood " etc i sent it home for mum to read , i think she got the message

When mum saw this she started talking about it again , a wake up call i think seeing it in black and white

Because mum can understand lo she wasn't requiring her to speak clearly and I advised her to make lo repeat her words until she was doing it correctly , i do the same

Mum was also responding to gestures and pointing which I advised was just making the problem worse

Luckily mum did recognize there was an issue but had tried to ignore it rather than deal with it i think , she even said "well once she gets to school she will have to talk or they wont understand her " eerrrrr , its a bit late then luv :rolleyes:

Anyway our persistence and hard work is definitely paying off and Im noticing a great improvement in her speech and behavior (which I always praise mum for lol ) , she has also agreed to restart speech therapy

Perhaps putting it in black and white will make them face up to it , and linking it in with other areas , ie delayed speech will affect UtheW, PSE etc