View Full Version : Does MM insurance cover childs birthday party ????

09-03-2013, 10:21 PM
Just wondering, if you held a party for your own child, on a Saturday - when you don't normally work - with mainly your minded children attending - does the Morton Michel insurance cover this - could also may have a bouncy castle.

I've been trying to look through the insurance details but can't see anything about it.

Any help would be great.

many thanks

christine e
09-03-2013, 10:28 PM
If you are not working then I would say no


09-03-2013, 10:34 PM
I agree with Christine. If you're not working, I wouldn't have thought you were covered.

09-03-2013, 10:57 PM
Try phoning them and ask x

christine e
10-03-2013, 08:43 AM
Your household contents insurance most probably covers you for personal public liability so if the children are coming as guests then think you should be covered under that - found this link to Chuchill insurance which explains

Home insurance FAQs | Ask Churchill a question | Churchill UK | Does home insurance cover public liability? (http://faqs.churchill.com/help/home/liability)

If you own your house then your buildings insurance should have included property owners liability which covers you as the owner if your actual building injures someone but remember that in both cases you have to be proved to be liable or neglegent

if you are hiring a bouncy castle then the hirers should have public liability insurance for the actual equipment

13-03-2013, 10:15 PM
Hi - thank you for all the replies - just thought I say what I got back from MM and the bouncy castle place on the situation in case anyone wondered.


With Morton Michel I have both my house insurance and my childminding insurance, they said:

"I can confirm that neither policy will cover this activity.
There is some cover under the childminder insurance for bouncy castles – they are treated like trampolines under the policy and can be used if Ofsted are aware you have one, the parents have provided written permission and manufacturers guidelines are followed – HOWEVER – the condition is that these sorts of equipment are only covered if they used by your minded children whilst you are actually childminding and therefore it is not the intention of the policy to extend to cover a party, regardless of whether some of the children coming are minded or not ."


The Bouncy Castle place said:

"My insurance is for my equipment only for example if my blower was to blow up and burn down your shed or next doors that would all be paid for. I am not insured for your supervision of the children on the castle and in theory if a child had an accident and the parent decided it would not have happened if you had better supervised the children they could then sue you for damages. Day insurance starts about £11.00 you can get a quote from https://leisureinsure.co.uk/event-insurance/day-cover-for-inflatables/quote/ its just an instant quote page. I am in no way connected to this company this is just for your information but you may be covered on your insurance. "


Must admit I was never going to worry about getting insurance for a bouncy castle for my daughter's birthday - it was only because my husband was talking to someone about it and made us wonder.

It's only a party for about 10 children - just wondered if most people would bother to - or would you get the parents to sign something or not worry?

many thanks

13-03-2013, 10:19 PM
If it's only £11 I'd take it out.

13-03-2013, 10:51 PM
mmm must admit I was kinda going that way just in case - esp being a childminder! All soon mounts up though eh - I've never given my girls a party before - eldest one (which this is for) is 4 - beginning to wish never come up with the idea lol - just wanted something different to a normal minding day.

though will be one at home - hopefully not toooooo much :laughing: