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09-03-2013, 04:36 PM
I am having one of those days when I am doubting myself and whether this is the job for me.:(

I enjoy working with the children, it works around my own two kids with school runs etc but I feel that I am letting everything else get on top of me. I try to do my planning in the evening or at weekends and am just not getting the time so getting more and more behind.:panic:

I spoke to my friend today who works in a nursery and she makes it sound so easy but I feel she has worked in a nursery for 17 years and has all the qualifications but I have no qualifications in child care so find it all very daunting.

I had my Ofsted inspection in July 2012 and was awarded Good so must have been doing something right but with all the changes going on I worry that when they next come it will not be as good.

I am earning good money doing this so don't want to go back to worrying about money and even if I did find a job where I was earning enough how would I tell the parents? I would feel so guilty. I have a new baby starting in April and they are so happy that I have kept a place open for their little one as I already look after their nephew and they know he is happy with me.

Am just feeling a little deflated today and find its hard to speak to my husband about it as he just sees the £ signs. I just can't believe I have only been childminding a year and thinking about whether I can carry on, I thought this was going to be my new career path.

In my old job I loved the fact I could come home and not have to worry about it but with this I am constantly worried and already want my house back to normal.

Anyone else feel the same?


09-03-2013, 04:46 PM
If its just the paperwork that is putting you off the job then please dont give up

If however you are not enjoying the job itself then maybe you should rethink

It is possible to simplify your paperwork , and that comes with time , perhaps you need some guidance from someone who likes to keep things simple

I have set up a facebook page for local childminders , we chat , meet up , exchange ideas and there was a childminder that joined who was feeling overwhelmed with the paperwork , we meet regularly , over a glass of wine or two , and im helping her to get her head round it

She was making things far too complicated for herself , as I did in the past

I wonder if you might be able to find someone local to befriend and mentor you

I use Orbit now for all my obs and evaluations , so much easier

Ive also got rid of alot of unnecessary paperwork that is not a requirement

sounds like you are busy and the parents are happy with you , so it would be a shame to stop , its very hard to get going again if you stop and realise you made a mistake , I know from experience

I think we put far too much pressure on ourselves because we constantly get conflicting advice about what we should be doing

blue bear
09-03-2013, 05:48 PM
First of all I think we all feel like this every now and again, it's what keeps our ideas fresh, thee fact we keep questioning our abilities and our methods of delivery. With all the talk of change I think many childminders are questioning is it worth it.
Give yourself a virtual shake and write three lists.
1. Things you do well.
2.things that are ok but could do tweaking
3.things you struggle with.

Then go through your lists, is there anything you are duplicating and therefore unnecessary? Do you write the same things down twice? If you really need to record things twice can you devise some. Sort of form you could photo copy and stick in the second place.
Do you write too much? Can you cut back anywhere I was writing half A page per photo and cut back to one sentence and only wrote more for more focused obs. How many obs do you do a month? Do you need that many? How often do you observe each area of learning? It's not necessary to do lots of the same sort of observation eg. Physical, unless the observation has a purpose e.g shows something new or confirms your suspicions of delay etc then don't write up an observation against the photo. I have a pogo printer and print off the photo during nap or quiet times and pop them to oneside to link to an obs (will write up obs if time but not always time)

Try to simplify your planning it should in the majority lead on from the child's interests so Johnny had a great time washing his hands and generally messing about in the sink, you have your plan on The fridge and quickly make a note to put out the washing up bowl with water and jugs and bottles tomorrow for j.

I hope this helps,come back and ask more questions if this doesn't make sense,remember change comes in baby steps.another thing that helped a friend was borrowing on e of my lj's so she could look her her own photos that were similar and get ideas where to link,do you know any minders that might help like this.

09-03-2013, 06:12 PM
As the others say - if it's getting you down then look at it again and simplify it!!

My individual planning is not complicated at all and it shows that children are learning well.

At inspection you will be asked verbally about the children, how they are getting on etc and you will be able to talk about how well you know them and what you are planning next.

Day to day you shouldn't be writing a huge amount and certainly not duplicating anything!!

Do you live anywhere near me? I mentor childminders from Manchester, Liverpool, Macc - all over the place. If you can get here I will help you.

Hugs xx

09-03-2013, 06:37 PM
Hi Honey - just want to add that you must be good if you got good! Have faith in yourself, take time to follow the advice given by the wise ones who've posted before, and, finally, take time each day to actively acknowledge the positives - the happy parent, the happy child, the little success - just to balance the negatives. Sending Hugs.

09-03-2013, 06:46 PM
I finished childminding a year ago i went to work in my dream job but hated the shifts so left

i now work in a nursery in a room i dont agree with doing a job i dont like

i miss childminding but at the moment cant go back to it but i will one day

sometimes i think i just needed a break for a few weeks instead of finishing

as sarah said if its too much simplify, if i go back this is what i will be doing

i had outstanding and wouldnt ever want it again i would just be happy doing the minimum i need to do but spend more time playing with the kids, at the end of a day its just a word and there are thousands who deserve it but give more time to playing than paperwork.

09-03-2013, 07:50 PM
I would say just try to simplify it too.
I've got my Ofsted inspection this week ( should have been last week but got cancelled) and am getting all my paperwork more sorted. I was getting so stressed last night.
Today I've gone over what I've got and thought- actually it's ok as it is.
Not lots and lots and hardly any planning but I know the little ones very well, and at my last inspection( 1st graded one) I got a good , I hadn't done my SEF , had hardly any written planning. it may have made my inspection a bit longer as I had more questions asked, but the fact I didn't have tons of paperwork didn't seem to matter.
Stacey x

09-03-2013, 08:40 PM
Cant offer any more advice but just wanted to say good luck in making the decision that is right for you.