View Full Version : bike trailors, anyone used one?

28-02-2013, 11:42 AM
my two love biking at the moment and being teenagers we can all end up biking quite a distance so I was thinking of getting one of those bike traiors for the mindees for the holidays, currently I only have one or 2 children on most days (if I work at all !) and so I was thinking they could ride in the trailor untill we get to the park or where ever then we can still go out and about during the day, I dont have use of a car at the moment either so during term time it would mean we could go a bit futher as it would be quicker and I could get back for the school run.
has anyone used one of these before? if so how was it

28-02-2013, 11:50 AM
Not me personally, but I have a friend who used to use one when her 2 kids were little.

Be careful - she went over a stone in the road one day and flipped herself and bike trailer over into a ditch. They were all ok - just bruised, but very traumatic and lucky no cars involved :-(

After that she bought a Pashley trike and got a carpenter to make two customised seats for the back with proper seat belts. Much safer! She used it until they got to big to fit on it!

28-02-2013, 01:46 PM
I have one and only used it a couple of times . Now mine are too big but keep thinking I should get it out for mindees! I thought it would be heavy and it's not, but it is wide which made me feel the kids were vulnerable when we cycled on the road, it was too wide for the path, and our area is full of alleyways for short cuts but they all have gates on as they are locked at night and we couldn't fit in these so had to go long way around on the road .. Was quite anxious though as kids were behind me on the road and couldn't see them
They loved it and dd3 was dead impressed when I rocked up with it to pick her up from preschool and all her friends waved her off! It would be great In a park but bit nerve wracking getting there but that's just me.!

Also wouldn't fit in car had to disassemble each time but not an issue for you if you aren't driving