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27-02-2013, 01:40 PM
Prior to becoming a Mother I had absolutley no experience of Childcare. When my DD was born I had an epidural so the Midwife changed her first nappy. I watched intently as I had never changed a napppy before in my life :blush:

Fast forward 9mths and I was going back to my job as a Buyer. Looked at Nurseries, didn't them. Looked at Childminders, loved them but loved being a Mum and thought I could do that! So I did.

My first client was an ex-collegue who I got on well with and it was kind of a done deal from that first phone call. That job plus a schoolies that I got as I was the only childminder with spaces that could do that school was what gave me my "experience".

Anyway, nearly five years on. I've had a couple more children in my care (not many as they have been stayers), I now have a son too. I've done bits of training but no formal qualifications.

I am now percived as a bit of a guru LOL! One mindee is 10mths younger than DS and Mum is always asking for advice. I am a sounding board for my 9 year old mindees Mum. My friends are now having babies and I am often tapped for advice when I pop round for coffee on my mornings off. My sister reckons I'm a "great mum" but I know I have my flaws.

My friend said yesterday how good it was to have a friend who is an "expert".... Feel like a fraud!

No point to this post really other than I had to get it off my chest to somebody without shattering my "wise woman" persona (a nickname my childless friends have given me!)

27-02-2013, 01:47 PM
You don't sound like a fraud to me, you need to start believing in your abilities it sounds like all your friends can see how good you are, surely they can't all be wrong!!

Maybe I should listen to my own advice i'm always questioning/doubting myself, I shall give myself a kick up the bum :o

27-02-2013, 05:22 PM
The best advice is given on instinct, just because you might not be qualified certainly doesn't make you a fraud.