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21-02-2013, 07:05 PM
So... how would you go about setting up a consultation?

First let’s look at the dictionary definition of the word...

Consultation - ‘a process by which the public's input on matters affecting them is sought’

Here are a few thoughts about how to conduct a consultation - Truss style!

Would you approach those who were involved and listen to their views?

• Ms Truss didn’t - she approached a few agencies (as she told us in her Mumsnet webchat) all of whom have publically reported that they disagreed with her - so she clearly did not listen to them.

Would you look around the world and ask whether what you already have in place is better than everyone else has?

• Ms Truss didn’t - she looked around and, in the words of one journalist, proceeded to ‘cobble together’ some ideas.

Would you ask childminders if they wanted agencies and listen to their views before launching them?

• Ms Truss didn’t - she wants to have pilot schemes up and running by September THIS year and is ignoring all campaigns - as CYP Now say, she is pressing on regardless.

Would you think about the impact of agencies on established childminders and ask them for their views first - and listen to their responses?

• Ms Truss didn’t - or she would not be continuing to push this agenda.

Would you put children first?

• Ms Truss hasn’t - she has, in my opinion, put her career progression before the needs of the children. How can it be safe or improving outcomes for children to have 1 adult to 6 x 2 year olds? Even if that adult is a teacher - with respect to all the teachers out there, what difference does being a teacher make if you are changing nappies all day?!?

Would you consider the welfare of the early years workforce before asking them to work harder for less money?

• Ms Truss does not appear to care about the health and wellbeing of England’s early years workforce as long as her plans are being implemented.

Would you listen to parents and childminders who are telling you that a 2 tier agency and non agency system will be unwieldy and lead to confusion?

• Ms Truss is choosing not to engage with childminders or parents. For example, on Twitter she has deleted them from her account.

Would you ask people to meetings and listen to their views? Even if those views are contrary to your own?

• Ms Truss doesn’t feel this is the way forward - she is only inviting those childminders who agree with her plans to meetings as evidenced by information we received from Northampton childminders earlier this week.

Would you wait until the law - the Children and Family Bill - was in place before pushing on with your plans?

• Ms Truss isn’t waiting - she intends to launch agencies before the consultation into them has even finished.

So... the MP / economist clearly doesn't have a clue how to conduct a consultation :rolleyes:

Let’s get the petition link all over Facebook again guys please - www.keepratiosdown.co.uk :cheerleader:

Let’s write letters this weekend to our MPs and ask them to work for us :cheerleader:

Let’s Tweet - @DofE / @trussliz and let them know we have noticed what’s going on... :cheerleader:

Let's make our voices heard guys! :cheerleader:

21-02-2013, 08:40 PM
That should be titled 'when is a consultation not a consultation':laughing::laughing: