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19-02-2013, 08:36 AM

Its half term and ive got the week off! Yay!

Plan is to decorate the house but i also want to rearrange our resources. I have 12 trays (ikea trofast) 8 boxes (ikea expedit) and 2 large wicker baskets. I'm looking to rearrange resources but dont know where to start. Do you all have specific areas eg maths, role play etc

Ideas would be great!


19-02-2013, 10:10 AM
I have far too much stuff and tend to have a tub for each thing (also have Ikea!), so toys for instance is stored in separate tubs for trains and tracks, dinosaurs, megablocks, ELC build it,sticklebricks, vehicles, play food, role play, threading, farm, playdough tools, aquadraw,wild creatures, etc etc. I also have all the crafty stuff in tubs at the top so lo's can't get at it. Again I have far too much- paint, painting tools, special paints, (get the picture, lol!) card making, beads and cords, needlecraft, craft materials, design your own, making kits etc.....
I tend to store it more with accessibility in mind, so have the 'safe' items which won't hurt if the lo's get into it on the lower racks and the crafty or small bits that I don't want them getting hold of at the top. So not in any order such as construction or mark making if that's what you meant. Also so many things can cross over into different areas so I would find it hard to place everything!

Just to add all the above is in my conservatory, but I also have baskets in the lounge with dolls, puppets, and a mix of other toys, so have one for puzzles, one which is loosely for maths (shape sorters, calculators, stacking pots, small balls, activity toy with flaps etc) and one which is loosely for communication (telephones, microphone,animal noise toy, etc), just random toys that don't really fit anywhere else and are useful for the lo's to self select when they come in to help them settle in.

19-02-2013, 10:45 AM
I have just reorganised what resources I have

1. dolls and accessories
2. happyland
3. dressing up
4. craft
5. treasure basket
6. musical instruments
7. IT
8. Books
9. Kitchen accessories
10. Threading and lacing

Smaller boxes for
1. maths
2. literacy
3. playdough tools
4. animals
5. cars

I find Im so much more organised now and wont buy anything new unless it fits into one of these boxes

19-02-2013, 02:27 PM
Phoenix I need you to come and reorganise mine lol :)

19-02-2013, 02:59 PM
i have big boxes of people & animals, vehicles, wooden train set, wooden playfood, duplo, dolls, instruments, fisher price little people.

i have a (big) shelf full of games and (big) shelf full of puzzles

i have masses of craft stuff in assorted boxes in assorted places

i have lots of boxes of sensory type bits - fabric, metal, natural, treasure box, wooden, glass ... and a few baskets that change peridically - currently dolly pegs & 'normal pegs', fircones, beanbags ... then more boxes with stuff for the light box, number & colour stuff, magnetic stuff, mini beasts stuff, threading & lacing, alphabets, small dolls ... and more,t hat doesn't jump into mind!

book case & basket of books

basically FAR too much !!!

19-02-2013, 06:22 PM
permantly indoors we have a wooden dolls house with furniture and dolls etc, books in a box, puzzles under the table the dolls house is on and games on a shelf then every few weeks I change the toys around and just bring in a few boxes from the shed, in the shed they are stored in the plastic storage units with draws so I just bring in a couple of differnt draws although this week I have ditched the draw idea and now have

a unit with animals on the bottome shelf and people on the next shelf up , can decide on the top shelf

baskets with different bits in such as glass beads, fircones, pasta, sponges, bangles etc in

the idea is that they use all the above items together in some way to develop their imagination.
i also bring in a lot less toys now the weather is getting better to encourage more outdoor play, outside we have

scooters and ride on toys
play house with cushions, dolls and prams in
mud kitchen
balls, bats
box of odds and ends like guttering, wooden blocks, odd wheels
guttering on the fence to roll or pour things down, its slanted at angles so it will go from one peice to the next.
black borad
2 units with train track ,people , trains, bob the builder toys, dinosaurs, big lego and a crane
sand tray

miss mopple
19-02-2013, 07:15 PM
hmmn, well today I have massively de clutterd my playroom, but as I look around I see:

Trofast with:

farm set
dolls house stuff
baby toys ( 2 drawers)
pots and pans
play food
dolls clothes
craft supplies
loose parts (curtain rings, corks etc)
shape sorters

next to this is a trolley with paper, craft materials, glue etc

Also have:

wooden shop in corner
wooden cooker
dress up rail
cd unit and player
box of soft toys
dolls cot/high chair etc
elc big construction set
treasure basket
small baskets with natural objects and sensory bottles
book box

think more de cluttering required :laughing:

19-02-2013, 07:24 PM
I know I should know but what items do you put into a treasure box :$

miss mopple
19-02-2013, 08:57 PM
treasure baskets are baskets for babies to explore with things of interest in. Not plastic toys, but things like wooden objects, fabrics, household objects etc. Google it- loads of ideas on the web :thumbsup:

19-02-2013, 09:05 PM
Thank you for that, I have just been looking on the Imagination Tree. I think I will be up all night taking notes lol