View Full Version : Q for Peugeot 807 & Citroen C8 owners!

18-02-2013, 08:23 AM
Thinking of getting one in an 8 seater, so whats your view on it, what do you love/hate about it?

If you have an 8 seater can you get 3 child seats across the rear bench?

Have you converted a 7 seater to 8 seater? Did you need garage to do this & cost?

Thanks for your help :thumbsup:

18-02-2013, 09:41 AM
Hi, Not answering your actual question at all, but I love my 7 seat 807. My old car was Galaxy and I think the 807 is slightly less roomy inside (although I'm sure it's actually slightly bigger overall!) but we can comfortably fit 7 people with car seats, bags, buggies etc. Lovely to drive and love the electric sliding doors! I would have got an 8 seater if there had been one around, although the back seat is a bench on the 8seat, so doubt you can fit 3 car seats in the very back? My log book says it's an 8 seater, and I think you can easily convert it. For me, i liked the fact you could fold down/remove just one of the back seats to fit extra baggage in. I hope someone can come along soon to actually answer you!

18-02-2013, 09:42 AM
Had a citroen C8 only the cost prevented us getting a new one when we replaced it,but didn't convert it ,you can buy the bench seats off e-bay and as the seats are easily removed l would assume putting the bench seat would be the same as replacing the others.