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17-02-2013, 10:34 AM
A childminder has asked me to share his views on agencies with you.

He read the questions about agencies in the Forum's response document here - www.childmindinghelp.co.uk/mgc.

He has just put his response on the consultation here -

Childminder Agencies etc. - UK Parliament (http://www.parliament.uk/business/bills-and-legislation/public-reading/children-and-families-bill/childcare/)

I am a childminder. I work alongside my partner who is also a childminder.

I love my self employed status and the fact that I can take the children on outings, plan adventures and enhance their learning without the need to explain myself to anyone other than their parents.

I do not want an agency breathing down my neck, telling me what I must do, adding extra 'hoops' to my already hoop filled time with the children, visiting me all the time and pushing their nose into what I am doing just to lift their own inspection grade, taking a percentage of my already meagre income to provide me with training (which is already available) and insurance (which I can find perfectly well by myself).

I do not want an agency responsible for filling my childcare places either - I want to do that myself by word of mouth. I do not want my good reputation benefiting other providers because they ring the agency knowing I am an excellent childminder and they are sent elsewhere by the agency.

I do not want an agency bringing hundreds of new childminders into my local area just so they can be a self sufficient business. There are already 8 childminders on my estate and none of us are full. The nurseries and pre-schools aren't full either and they are about to get higher ratios unless someone in Government recognises how this will put all the poor little ones whose lives they are tinkering with in danger.

I want the Government to stop pushing this agenda and focus on the children before their health and safety are put at risk and thousands of childminders are forced out of business.

Thank you.

Please make your feelings known guys!! And share your response with others to help them form their thoughts and inspire their replies.

Let's all pull together to make our feelings heard!! :cheerleader::cheerleader: