View Full Version : Settling in plan for a clingy 15 month old

Tracey R
15-02-2013, 02:40 PM
Hi can anyone help me with Ideas.

I am potentially taking on a new mindee, we have had the initial meeting.

I discussed with mum the settling in period and that she was welcome to bring her LO for a few hours here and there before she starts. Mum was happy with this but has since called asked me to put together a settling in plan as baby is clingy ready for our next meeting after the weekend.

I know what I will do to try and settle baby quickly in my setting and make her feel secure but as I am being asked to put it down in written form I feel under pressure for it to be correct and contain the right things. I have asked her for a detailed daily routine that baby has now and for comforters to be brought etc and talked to mum about how I would help baby to settle but my mind has gone a blank in putting this plan together.
I also told her how one of my mindees who she met only comes once a week and was initially very clingy but now she is doing iincredibly well.

I know she is anxious about leaving her and just needs a little more reassurance.

Any ideas welcome :-)

15-02-2013, 03:11 PM
Does she want a plan as in a time slot and what you will be doing in that time slot? I dont think you can really do that I would write more of a letter detailing what sort of things you will be doing to help aid the process, eg. providing certain toys/activities and outings to stimulate the child, giving plenty of comfort, praise, support, encouragement etc. ensuring the child has a comforter and so on