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15-02-2013, 08:56 AM
Hi all

I have become interested in the Steiner way of natural and open ended resources and I know a few minders on here are ridding their setting of toys and plastic in favour of more natural and open ended resources. I myself am attempting to do this too....so I have a few questions

1. What resources do you use for after schoolies aged 6-9 (I have boys but both please)
2. How do you organise your day?....are there activities you wouldn't do?
3. What are the main things that get played with?
4. How do you do your planning?

thanks in advance
VS x

15-02-2013, 11:27 AM
I would very interested in this too, especially ideas for the schoolies who at the moment really just want to play video games/watch tv, and also for a LO aged 2 i/2 who still eats/mouths everything

15-02-2013, 02:07 PM
I'm interested in this too

Little Puddings
15-02-2013, 03:00 PM
I am interested too :)
My half sisters attened a Stainer nursery in Sweden when they were little (a very long time ago) and I took the sheep skin idea from there for the children to sleep on at nap time. I love wooden toys and have got a fair bit but will admit that I have a lot of plastic toys too.


15-02-2013, 03:06 PM
I searched for Steiner equipment on eBay and got some ideas...pretty pricey. Wooden peg dolls were good, bought a set of 24. They can paint them then wash off or just sort and carry around x

Little Puddings
15-02-2013, 05:17 PM
I used to make Waldorf dolls however the last one I made was for my eldest daughter's 1st birthday, she is 10 now... I have got the material to make more just not the time... her poor sister is still waiting for hers and she is 8

15-02-2013, 07:04 PM
There's a lot of resources on ETSY which is a similar sort of thing to ebay but more homemade. I use this mainly for inspiration and then look at what I already have. I love the Steiner Waldorf, Reggio, High Scope approaches, but I like a bit of everything really. I feel it ticks every box for every child that way.