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14-02-2013, 07:59 AM
... have signed the petition to 'leave our early years ratios alone'.

The petition is not just about childminder ratios ... it is about the possible damage that will be done to the health, safety and outcomes for the next generation of our children if this 'More Great Childcare' plan goes ahead.

I was thinking about it yesterday -

6 x 2 year olds to one adult in a nursery

That means quite possibly (if they are anything like my lot and wait for a clean one to soil again) up to 30 nappy changes a day... just for these 6 children.

First - I am not sure a qualified teacher will think this is a good way to use their time!! :rolleyes:

Second - how long does a nappy change take in your house?

By the time I have washed my hands, got everything out, we've had a chat and a tickle, changed the nappy, sung some songs, disposed of the nappy, cleaned down the surfaces, washed hands again (mine and the child's hands of course), sterilised hand contact points and put everything away it takes me about 5 minutes per child per nappy - I timed it yesterday.

So that is, by my reckoning (I am no maths genius), OVER 2 hours a day - just changing nappies!

Oh... and let's not forget... that would mean, in a nursery environment, bringing 5 other children into the same room (maybe in from outside) so they could all be effectively supervised (the EYFS states they must be within sight and /or hearing don't forget) while the child was being changed.

Then, of course, some might be potty training as well so there will be the accidents to clean up........

Can someone please tell me how that will improve outcomes for the children? I am truly interested to know....

Let's keep fighting this one guys please! www.keepratiosdown.co.uk :cheerleader::cheerleader:

14-02-2013, 09:17 AM
Quite agree, Sarah. Remember too that the report itself and in most of what Liz Truss has said in the press she says that the level of qualification they will require to allow 1:6 is not a teaching qualification but a Level 3 qualification - which many nursery staff already have. Just imagine the same size room, with the same 2 staff with a Level 3, and instead of 8 toddlers, there will be 12!! :panic:

Like you say, no level of training will help you provide responsive care to that many little ones. :(

And as much as the main problems is the damage to outcomes for children, if parents take up these extra nursery places, or local authorities place all the newly eligible 2yr olds in them, then it damages childminders sustainability too.

14-02-2013, 09:33 AM
Also with the email to the northhampshire cm about the meeting for cm who are for the agencies. It does sound like our voices are being here and they are trying to drum up some positivity for the proposals.

Lets keep on shouting to anyone who will listen - keep sending the letters/emails etc guys


14-02-2013, 10:24 AM
[QUOTE=sarah707;1211135]... have signed the petition to 'leave our early years ratios alone'.

Sorry Sarah I do not know how to start a new topic so I have hijacked this one.:blush: Feel free to highlight their survey as they may have more clout for changing policy. They were quite effective with the EYFS last time.

I forwarded your information the the National Children's Bureau. This was the reply which includes a link to their survey. They would like as many childminders as possible to add their comments.

Dear Tunja,

Thank you for keeping me informed about developments. I have set up a survey for our networks to feed back their views on the More Great Childcare proposals. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/childcarereform

NCB will be doing work on the childcare agency proposals through the Children and Families Bill. The survey will inform our position, so I would encourage you and your fellow childminders to fill it in.

Best wishes


Heather Ransom
Senior Policy Officer
National Children's Bureau
8 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 7QE
020 7843 6013

From: Child Minder [mailto:child.minder@virgin.net]
Sent: 13 February 2013 16:25
To: Heather Ransom
Subject: Re: research into childminding

Ms Truss is fed up with anti agencies and is desperately trying to drum up support for her policies see below.

Dear Childminder,

You will probably be aware of the attached government report ‘More Great
Childcare’ published recently.

We’ve been approached by the Department for Education to see if any
Northamptonshire Childminders are interested in meeting with Elizabeth Truss
about childminder agencies.

They have had plenty of negative feedback from the sounds of it so would like to
hear from Childminders who are broadly in favour or at least open minded about
moving to an agency model.

The meeting is likely to be held week beginning 25th February and I have said it
will need to be in the evening. Can you please let me know as soon as possible
if you would like to attend such a meeting?

Heather Ransom wrote:

You might also be interested in the following document especially the 24 page document, analysis of 'More great Childcare'.


A petition against Government plans to change the ratios of the number of adults to children in early years settings such as nurseries and registered childminders has received more than 21,000 signatures in less than 3 weeks.

The petition (www.keepratiosdown.co.uk), started by the Childminding Forum (Childminding Forum - The UK's largest online forum for Registered Childminders), the UK's largest free online community for registered childminders, was written after forum members voiced their concerns about the potential effects of increased ratios and has since gained the support of other childcare professionals and parents.

Sarah Neville, an Ofsted Outstanding rated registered childminder for 19 years, says the 'More Great Childcare' proposals announced recently by Elizabeth Truss, Minister for Education and Childcare, are "likely to put the well being, health, safety and education of our youngest and most vulnerable children under threat".

Sarah, who claims that the proposals create more questions than answers, has produced a 34 page analysis of the plan - http://www.childmindinghelp.co.uk/mgc - and is asking the Government to urgently reconsider its plans on ratios and other changes such as the introduction of childminder agencies. Members of the Childminding Forum say they want to remain independent and do not want agencies in their local areas.

Sarah added: "We have listened to childminder concerns and our analysis of the 'More Great Childcare' plan challenges the Government to answer urgent questions which childminders throughout the country are asking".

For more information, please read ‘‘More Great Childcare’ - an analysis of the Government’s plans written by Childminders’ - http://www.childmindinghelp.co.uk/mgc.

And please respond to the Government’s plans by -

• Signing the petition against changes to ratios - www.keepratiosdown.co.uk.

• Writing to your MP to discuss your concerns - Letter writing - more ideas!.

• Handing out leaflets to inform and advise others - Leaflet for parents / other settings / childminders etc.

On a personal note - I would like to thank to every forum member who has commented about the 'More Great Childcare' plan - on the forum threads, by pm, by email and personally.

You have all made valuable contributions to the writing of this document.

I would also like to thank my proof readers - who all deserve a gold star!

Please share this press release and document - it has been written for childminders and other early years professionals everywhere!

We need to make our voices heard

Hi Tunja,

Thank you for replying to me. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been preparing for Tuesday’s expected announcement by Liz Truss.

Following the publication of the Childcare Commission report, I will be setting up a survey to canvas the view of members of early years networks, so will make sure you receive the link. We envisage responses to inform early years policy and lobbying work we do over the coming months.

Many thanks again.


14-02-2013, 11:01 AM
Tunja, If I am a member of my local authority childminding network, should I tick the 'local authority early years network' option in the survey, or is that something different? :confused::o

14-02-2013, 11:05 AM
Tunja, If I am a member of my local authority childminding network, should I tick the 'local authority early years network' option in the survey, or is that something different? :confused::o
I will look and reply or ask Heather and reply. Haven't had a look yet, too busy sharing the link.

14-02-2013, 11:08 AM
I will look and reply or ask Heather and reply. Haven't had a look yet, too busy sharing the link.
Looks like if you are a local authority network childminder that is the box to tick

14-02-2013, 11:42 AM
Looks like if you are a local authority network childminder that is the box to tick

Thanks! :)