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11-02-2013, 09:47 AM

In March, I have a new mindee starting - an 8 year old boy, who will be coming every other Saturday.

The eldest I have currently have is 5.....although I occasionally have his 8 year old sister - this is usually during school holidays if we are doing something special.

Mum told me that he likes to play on the Xbox, and she does let him play on games upto the 15 certificate :/ he didn't really express a liking for anything else......

When he's here, I'll also have a 17 month old little girl.

So my question is, what do I buy for him to play with?

Any other help gratefully received ;)


11-02-2013, 09:51 AM
When I have had older children I dont let them play games like that at all, I try to plan activities that will interest all of the children. At 8 he will probably be interested in craft activities, superhero imaginative play and arty things. I would avoid the xbox completely (and absolutely no to 15 games).

11-02-2013, 10:05 AM
I have my own 9 year old boy. He does like to play x box, which he has a time limit of 45 mins a day, sometimes a bit longer at the weekend when he is playing with Dad!! we don't have any older age games for it, but he is only interested in playing FIFA anyway.
He and his friends are only really into football, playing and reading about. Maybe some science experiments, playing board games, my son and friends like chess, word search puzzles, Lego. They aren't really into crafty things, but like decorating cakes/biscuits if they can make them look gross with green icing etc!!! Making a den Is a good option, visit the woods, make some spotting sheets.

11-02-2013, 12:06 PM
Lego/K'Nex/Teifoc (building using real bricks and mortar, can be expensive new but have a look at ebay)

Design technology - make battery operated cars or even better elastic band driven cars. Take them outside and get him to measure how far they go.
Make a zip wire (a piece of string tied at both ends across the room, with a small piece of plastic straw over the string. Blow up a balloon and sellotape onto the straw, then let go...

Chess (unless the 17 month is a chess prodigy, be prepared to play with him)

Den building (get some packing crates from a local shop) better outside but can be good indoors depending on space

Cooking (bake cakes. make pizzas for lunch)

'Kitchen' science - experiments (e.g. erupting volcanoes - vinegar and bicarb of soda, invisible ink...oh the list is endless!)

11-02-2013, 12:36 PM
I have an 8 yr old schoolie who loves nothing better than getting all the Happyland stuff out. He sets up a village and makes up great stories. He also likes anything to do with craft, cooking, painting, playing in the garden etc... On the odd occassion if hes tired he might watch a dvd, I only let him watch films which are age appropriate too. x