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09-02-2013, 11:01 AM
Have a child who is 3 this month and not yet toilet trained.
Not a prob as he has shown no signs of being ready so far. His parents decided yesterday to start having a go at home.
He has probs with constipation so generally doesnt poo daily and gives lots of signs before he goes, so she has managed a few poos on toilet in the past.
He is not showing signs of wanting to wee on toilet at all and shes txt to say that hes been wet all the time!

My question is hes coming to me Tues and obv they want me to continue(which I have no problem supporting) Im a bit concerned that hes obv going to be weeing all over my furnishings/floors!
I dont have a policy as ive never had a potty training child before, all ive said previously is that id like them to do a good week at home and be fairly settled into it before coming back to me.

Im happy to support and stay at home etc whilst we potty train, but if he hasnt managed 1 wee on toilet in the 4 days that they will have been trying Im not thrilled with the prospect of wee all over my home!
What would you advise?

09-02-2013, 11:13 AM
I think we all have different views on this, but my policy is that they wear pull ups until they are dry most of the time. Having young babies I think it's a hygiene issue especially if Lo doesn't tell you when they've weed on the floor.

09-02-2013, 12:12 PM
I would say that if lo keeps wetting himself & is also not able to do a wee when sat on the toilet, then he is not ready for toilet training.

I'm normally earlier than most to start toilet training but if lo has no grasp of the concept it's just going to lead to a lot of cleaning & frustration all round.

I would suggest pull ups to Mum & that you'll pop him on the toilet several times during the day and see how it goes.

09-02-2013, 12:18 PM
I would say that a child has to be having success in their toilet training - ie asking for the toilet, sitting on and weeing/etc with occasional accidents. It sounds like your mindee has had almost no success so far, so would suggest parents wait until child is actually ready. I'd also suggest to parents that we spend some time laying the groundwork by having potty present, reading some books, talking about going to loo, buying a pack of 'bribery pants' with favourite character on for the child to wear when they are ready etc etc rather than just go cold turkey an hope for miracles, as they are doing.

It's all too often a case of parents being ready to stop forking out for nappies (or stop forking our for childminders when the preschool, who only accepts toileting children, will offer the free 15 hours... cynical, me?? :rolleyes::D) rather than children being ready to train :rolleyes: