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hectors house
04-02-2013, 10:14 PM
One of my mindees has her 2 year development check this week, I completed her written check and reviewed it with parents back in December - just wondered if I should ask the mindees mum to give health visitor a small form to complete just to get feedback on the information I gave in the report.

Just wanted to ask questions like "was the information useful", "presented in easy to read format" "too long/too short" - just seems like the health visitors weren't even consulted on the creation of these written 2 year checks and no one seems to want to give an answer on whether I am doing them right or not! Don't want to take up too much of the mindees appointment - does anyone think this is a good idea or not, has anyone else attended a 2 year check up with their own child yet or had feedback on a report completed on a mindee?

04-02-2013, 10:38 PM
Hiya, speaking as a registered health visitor, and registering child minder I would think the following; 1. The checks that early years settings are being asked to perform lead into and inform the checks that the health visitor team will carry out at about 2.5 years, so from that point of view it would be good for the HV to know if you had any concerns. However, HVs are drowning in paperwork! If they start recieving lots of forms from every childcare provider about every child they will be inundated and will not be able to process it properly. How about you write to the HVs of your mindees, pointing out that you are doing the check and will notify them (with parents permission/via parents) only if you have any concerns about the childs development?

If I was still the HV I would trust an EYFS provider (in any setting) to know their children and know the norms, and whether the child was within these or not, and I would trust their judgement and that of the parents. The only possible exception to this would be with families where there was an existing safeguarding concern or CAF in place, in which case all the agencies will (should) already be working closely together.