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04-02-2013, 06:08 PM
The focus of lobbying against the Truss report is that we do not want a situation where outcomes for children are compromised.

So... I would like you all to think about how, in the last few weeks or months, you have raised outcomes for the children in your care.

These might be things like going on training or borrowing a new resource to follow a child's interest...

Please share your thoughts and I will compile a list which we can use to show our dedication to raising outcomes for children.

Thank you :D

04-02-2013, 06:17 PM
Been on Lead practitioner safeguarding course (4 sessions) and also Progress check at 2 y o.
New resources folloing the vchildren's lead have been:
Little tent for community friendly spaces
happyland and wow cars sets
more bookcases to accommodate more books
more and diverse art materials
large power ball for indoor play
computer educ games
another easel.

thamks Sarah xxx

hectors house
04-02-2013, 06:28 PM
Since September I have been on the following courses:-

Training for 2 year progress check
Promoting Outdoor Learning
Promoting learning and development in babies and young children

Am booked on -
How Children Learn
Observations and Planning
Safeguarding and Welfare training

I have bought resources relating to a child's interest in "Under the sea", borrowed lots of library books, taken all the children on an outing to a local aquatics centre and spent several hours researching resources and craft activities on the internet.

This isn't a one off this is what we do every month for every child's interests - I'm passionate about my job and the experiences the children have while in my care.

04-02-2013, 06:36 PM
Hi Sarah, going on training for the 2 year check this saturday and plan on doing food hygiene in the next month. I spend a vast amount of my earnings buying new resources and have recently bought, several Happyland sets as all my los enjoy playing with it, to follow a childs interests I have bought the happyland camping set as the family just bought their own caravan. I have also bought loads of craft resources including decoupage kits for a schoolie who has just started this as a hobby. We made our own stained glass windows after visiting the local church and one of the los really loved the stained glass. Probably loads more to add too. x

04-02-2013, 07:11 PM
Since Nov I have done food hygiene refreshed. 2 year development check training, this week equalities in early years. Next month planning and observations and revised eyfs

blue bear
04-02-2013, 08:10 PM
Accreditation refresher, fccers assesme g,safeguarding level 2, 2 year check training, ecat training, salt training.
Referred a child to speech therapy and am following up with the recommended exercises.
Following a child's interests, have expanded garden provision and madetrips to local woods a regular event. For another child we have been following his interest of trains, this has included going on a real train, making a train from a cardboard box, role play,Internet research.
Support for another family includes taking mum and babe to the children centre to encourage mum to get out of the house and access extra resources for lo.
I've loaned a parent my car when hers was in the garage, I've bought a school aged child a book bag when his went missing and mum Couldn't afford a new oneand regulary do homework with this child. I regularly take one lo to the hairdressers as she won't let mum take her (full on hysterics) whilst daddy is in Afghanistan and mummy is a teacher I take lo to her eye appointments at the hospital.

This is just normal for me, nothing out of the ordinary.

04-02-2013, 09:34 PM
built a playroom! ( well, truthfully, DH built a playroom! ) and bought new bookcase/messy play table/playtable/storage.
bought books and resources to reflect current childrens current interests.
have increased my sensory & heuristic collections.
attended training on working with boys, 'whats it like to be 2', and about to do some physical development training and emotional well being.
EYFS training.
attend regular 'leading childminder' (acreddiated) training sessions.
renewed first aid and safeguarding.
have termly visits from development officer.
run the local childminders group at the childrens centre.
liase with local nuseries & preschools to share information about children.
work with local childrens centre and family support workers to support families with 2 yr olds accessing funding.
attend local toddler group and provide/support messy play activities. support parents at toddler group.
visit local libraries and borrow books.
visit local shops including post office/farms/zoos/aquariums/museums/art galleries.
visit local woods & beaches.
travel on the bus. ( all 'my' children travel everywhere by car )
bought lots of craft resources and spend time looking on internet,printing and making craft actvities/resources.
researching, printing and laminating new resources such as traceable number cards, digger number cards, '5 little men in a flying saucer' number cards, alphabet cards, signing cards & games, matching games, playdough mats, pictures, poems & stories.

i wanted to say, that like the previous poster, i do all this as 'standard'.
in the past i have referred for speech therapy & physio, and then supported with exercises. visited dentist and cared for child with life threatening allergies who needed careful supervision.

04-02-2013, 10:10 PM
spent a small fortune on having the front of the setting completely change to enable better access for parents and children, this also doubles up as an all weather outdoor play area. This will facilitate all children to participate in outdoor play with a view to creating free flow access in warmer months. (I don't want to contribute to global warming0

going through acreditation and offering places to disadvantaged 2 year olds, working with other professionals and medical personal to ensure that not only did a child in my setting grow, develop and thrive against the odds but that the service we offered help to keep her alive (no joke!)

providing high quality resources such as community play things blocks and cart to as continual access to block play is a quality indicator in fccers scoring.

registering my husband firstly as an assistant then co-minder to provide increasing flexibility and reliability for parents. We pick children up, take them to school, pick them up, take them home.

provide additional childcare with minimal notice (like same day) to accomodate parents changing hours/overtime providing cover when weather is severe and parents can not get to their other childcare.

working in partnerships with other nurseries/preschool/childrens centres when some are more accomdating than others but that this does not stop you from trying.


spending the last 3 years of my life attending university ON A SATURDAY to complete a foundation degree in early years, with a view to completing early years professional status so that my setting is a graduate led practice.....

04-02-2013, 10:35 PM
Behaviour management
Level 3 targetted safeguarding

Playhouse for garden
Pirate ship and dressing up gear for child with speech delay but interested in pirates
How to draw animals book - for same child

ASD for childminders book

08-02-2013, 12:33 PM
Thank you all very much. I have used your comments in my document :D